90 Days of Action Cardio HIIT Question

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    90 Days of Action Cardio HIIT Question

    The HIIT in the last weeks of 90 DoA follow no HIIT protocol that I would recognize. Esp. Day 69, Day 84 and Day 89. The earlier ones like Day 51 I get, they follow roughly the Little protocol (60"HI, 75" rest). Day 84 I would guess the High Knees are the HI part and the punches and such are the rest part?! That would follow the Tabata protocol (10" HI, 20"rest) somehow. Is Day 89 the same with 20" HI (the High Knees again) and the other 40 " are the rest phase? Or am I supposed to do 3' HI and then rest 2'. But that's not really what Mr. Tabata had in mind when he created HIIT, or is it? And I simply cannot do 3 or 5 sets of that.

    Really, nobody. Bummer. Maybe it was a stupid question. If anybody interrested, I did Day 89 as normal cardio (L III) and that's that.