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    Need help to find a program


    I've always been skinny and I want to change.
    I'm looking for a program that can help me gain muscle but I don't know which one is good for me. If you have any suggestion, maybe a program that helped you, please tell me.

    Thank you.

    How to pick a program it's a good place to start, you find all the programs and their explanations
    All strength programs help you build muscle but a lot also depends on your current training level, to start the basic "best" program is Foundation, it is varied and teaches you all the basic exercises that are used in Darebee programs.


      Hello and welcome, mdnfe!

      As Fremen said, several strength programs we have here can help you. Which one to choose right now mostly depends on your current fitness level, and the equipment you can use.

      If working out is something you're really not used to, it may be a good choice to start with the Foundation program, which will help you build a routine and get familiar with some basic exercises. It will make your progress easier in the long run. Understand that while fat loss can be a relatively quick process, building muscle takes more time and consistency (but it is still definitely possible, whatever your current age and body composition is).

      You should also be aware that in order to build muscle, your body needs 3 things:
      - strength training
      - proper nutrition (you won't be able to build muscle if you don't eat enough, preferably protein-rich food)
      - rest (namely, enough sleep, and enough time for your muscles to recover after a session - as a guideline, about 48 hours at least)

      Don't hesitate if you have more questions, of course!


        Ironborn did it for me. Ironborn plus trying to be conscious of getting enough protein, which for me was just eating a fair amount of cottage cheese. Good luck in your goals!