Exercise that DON'T burn a ton of calories

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    Exercise that DON'T burn a ton of calories

    So, my work hours have been reduced and my budget is probably going to take a heavy hit. We are probably going to have to live very sparingly in the next few months. Cheaper foods will take priority over healthier ones (beans and lentils are pretty healthy, but veggies are probably not gonna make it to the grocery list. Bread might take their place) And my calories will probably drop.

    So, I actually wanted to ask - which exercises can I do that burn the LEAST amount of calories? I've been thinking about strength training only, skipping the cardio and HIIT. Would that work?

    Sorry, but junk food has more cals than healthy food typically.

    Anyway, I think that your goals it to maintain wieght even if your diet will change.

    First, there are some food that are "full" of cals and cheaper e.g. rice, pasta, peanut butter, egg

    I dont' think that you should reason about single exercise but you should consider all your workout scheduling.

    Of course, if you do less cardio/hiit activities, you "burn" less cals, since such activities are designed to burn cals. Yes, any exercise burns cals, but strength workout are designed to do a "reduced" number of reps (high reps work on resistance very well and not on strength) and to give different stimuli to your body.


      Nevetharine I am really sorry to hear this. You could look towards Yoga workouts, stretching and tendon strength ones over HIIT. I really hope this helps.