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    A bit of help

    I'm Cat and these year I wanted to move a bit my body and wanted to make a darebee program.
    I have to say that I had both knees injured and now they hurt me, for example, when I try to run and seconds later of running I feel a high ache on them. Or when I'm static too long time. The doctors said that the muscle around them was weak and that I needed to tonify it, but I tried to make it when I recovered from the injury but they don't recover so... Now they hurt a lot when I make what I do.
    As I don't have enough time, and my job makes me a bit of pain on my back, I wanted to start the Back and Core program so I move a bit the body, and I don't feel it heavy and also, make strong the zones (and the knees won't be hurt on it)
    I start with the morning stretches and 2 minutes warm-up and then exercise
    But the thing is that some workouts I can't make it. Maybe 'cause my arms can't hold all my height (59 kg) or 'cause I don't want to get hurt on them (I'm studying and I draw digitally on a tablet, so I can't be hurt on them) so I want a bit of advice.
    What should I do on these days that I can't do the workouts? Since it isn't consecutive all of them, I can't make the flexibility week (that I want to improve too) and I want to move the body a bit, not train...
    The days I can't do on the Back and Core program are:
    - Day 2 Stabilitzation, third exercise ''uneven plank hold per side''
    - Day 4, Core control (all the exercises)
    - Day 7 Stabilitzation (all the exercises)
    - Day 9 Core control, first (up and down planks) and second exercise (plank hold side crunches)
    - Day 12 Stabilitzation (the same as exercise 2)
    - Day 14 Core control, all the exercises
    - Day 17 Stabilitzation (the same as exercise 7)
    - Day 19, all the exercises
    - Day 24, all the exercises
    - Day 27, all the exercises
    - Day 29, all the exercises

    Maybe you think that why I try to make it if I can't do the exercises... I want to tone a bit my body but not at all for the no-time that I have and also the tiny room where I am. And I don't have the equipment so...
    So I looked on the page of ''How To Pick a Program'' and pick the low level for me, 'cause I don't make any sport.

    I want to ask about how I can make instead of these exercises...
    Thank you so much for your help!

    Hi! I wonder if this could help you : https://darebee.com/modifications.html at the end of the page it shows a modification for plank exercises, you can use a sofa to help for a lot of the planks.


      Because of shoulder and knee issues I need modifications for some exercises, too.


        Hola Cat

        Here are some knees workouts. https://darebee.com/filter#sort=posi...me=knee&page=1

        I have done both, Total Abs and Back & Core, I found Total Abs easier than B&C. You may want to have a look at it.

        Que te mejores


          I think that a yoga mat could be a good purchase.

          Why do you not consider Foundation (or Foundation Light)?


            Apart the good advices you can read above, let me add some ideas. It seems that you don like/can't do all exercises related with planks. Instead to lay on the floor, maybe you can do them in a bench, a chair, a table, even against the wall.

            The lower you'll do, the best results you'll get.


              Thank you all!
              @Pseudonymravid 've looked at them and tried some, but since I make them on my room, I don't any sofa But I'll look at them again and try to modify the days I can't make the exercices, thank you!

              @Musical gym I'll look at them, maybe I switvh some exercices to them, or even about the knees you link to me, thank you! PD: ¡Y gracias! Eso espero, recuperarme mejor

              @thepresident I have a Yoga Mat, is one that the size is more bigger than the usual and If I got hurt, I have another one to put above it

              @Cabriel Most of them hurt a lot and I don't want to make my knee hurt worse so... I'll try to make them on the chair o wall, hope that it works, thanks!


                LadyCatCat ... welcome to The Hive, the social side of DareBee.
                If some of those exercises are too rough for you, perhaps you should drop to the easiest Programs.
                This 74-year-old is doing the latest Program, Baseline. Even easier than the Foundation Program! Less by way of benefit, perhaps, unless it's all you dare do.
                And ... so far ... it's quiet enough my down-stairs neighbor has not heard me working through it.

                That said ... enjoy the journey.