Calling for help from boxers

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    Calling for help from boxers

    Often at times we get many DIYs on youtube for the middle class people to enjoy rich class facilities. These come in handy also for fighters. Likewise I wanted to train my defense but the lazy partners I had was not interested in boxing nor in anything that involves working hard. Then I found this wonderful thing called pool noodle.

    The partners wouldn't need to work much hard if using pool noodle. This time the problem was I couldn't find it in any nearby shops in my town. Thus, I searched the internet for DIY pool noodles. But it seems that people does not make pool noodle with stuff but rather stuff with pool noodles. So I had turn my face towards my friends i.e. you guys. If anyone can find a replacement for pool noodle for this specific action please let me know.

    Please don't suggest me the one where we hang keys and dodge. It is too predictable and easy.

    I boxed in the Marine Corps for two years and I can say this is good training once you know what you are doing. Learning to slip and counter-punch with pool noodles with no experience is not a great idea. It's fun, sure, but it's not good training for the actual skill of boxing. You need someone who knows how to box to teach you how to box.

    Sure, you can dodge things and pratice getting out of the way. You can use anything for that: A broom stick, a towel, a pillow, you do not need a pool noodle for it.