Lose 5 pounds in a month.

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    Lose 5 pounds in a month.

    How do I cut 5 pounds by the end of January? I need help.

    500g/ week is achievable by watching your portions and improving the quality of your calories.
    500g ~1.1lb.
    I lost ~17lb last year at ~1lb/wk by keeping a food diary, eating my recommended veggie intake and checking my portion sizes.
    Here's some solid advice.
    You can find a calculator here.
    Good luck!


      I averaged around 2 pounds of loss per week over 9 months last year, so this is possible. Start by making small changes to both your diet and your activity.

      Take the stairs, got off the bus one stop earlier, park the car further away in the parking these all make differences. Do the same thing with food - cut portion sizes, control your cravings.


        Definitely possible and, dare I say, much more realistic than some ambitions in regards to weight loss.

        Mostly, though, any weight loss is a simple numbers game. Move more - the American Health Association suggests at least 150 minutes of movement a week so around 30 minutes for five days of the week. Capitalize on morning walks or walks with your dog, take stairs, maybe do small workouts to fill out that needed time frame. Eat less. I used calorie counting and focused on eating around 1800 to 1900 calories a day so I could lose roughly two pounds a week, but my end goal was losing more than fifty pounds so some level of curtailing expectations may need to be expected. If you want to do calorie counting as well, I would suggest plugging your numbers into this calculator (it takes into consideration your height and current weight to give you how much you should be eating on average, basically). You could get a kitchen scale to measure your food out exactly, but reading labels of your food (or getting them generated online) and using measuring cups will do just as well (if not better).


          This is going to be hard for me with how I’m feeling. The calculator said I need to exercise a bit more. I don’t feel like exercising more than I have to.


            Cutting intake is far more effective than making the deficit through expenditure. For example you can eat 250 calories less (~2c of soft drink) or run for 50min.


              I don't know your behaviours, but the most useful recommendation is that "one must eat clean".
              Losing weight is caused only by a caloric deficit. Thus you have to build the correct deficit on the basis of your life style. Ok, one methods could be train more, but it's not the easier for many reasons (e.g. time constraints)

              Eating clean means a change of behaviours during all day. The first think is avoid junk food. Thus you can replace them with healthier food. Do not delete them directly since the change will to much hard from a psychological point of view. Moreover, avoid soda drinks, since they gives cals but they have a very low satiating power (i.e. they do not delete your hunger).

              Please attention in the claim there is the word clean and not the word less.
              Since a lot of hypocaloric diet are not base on "small" quantity of food but are based on "big" quantity of food. Obviously, the kind of food are different, i.e. hypocaloric foods. It's quite a joke with the body more food but less cals. In this way, the diet seems less hard.

              Several little precautions can help you a lot, e.g. cut the sugar in coffee and tea.


                Bull To lose weight you have to work hard. There's a thing bodybuilders do to get ripped for contest, go zero, not low but zero carbs for 5 days, and only 5 days. Don't cut fats, you can even have black bullet proof coffee with MCT oil =zero. This 5 day thing gets you into fat burning mode.

                You have to be committed to exercise everyday, think about daily walking for an hour or so, 45 mins of intense exercise. If you have a sit-down job your gonna have to find moments through the day, climb stairs or something. You have to put your mind to it and want it.

                Bull said: I don’t feel like exercising more than I have to.
                You can make your exercises a success or a miserable failure. You can make them monotonous
                and irksome, or you can make them a sheer delight. It depends entirely upon your own mental attitude.
                You should, and I want you to, regard all your bodily activities and exercises as a pleasure.
                You should look forward to them as a joy to perform. The results will then be much more satisfactory
                and certain. Hold in the mind’s eye AT ALL TIMES the Ideal of Physical Perfection.
                Think of yourself as possessing a Perfect Body. Realize each time you are exercising you are
                arriving at still greater perfection.
                - Charles Atlas


                  thinman I don’t have a sit down job my job is wrestler and personal trainer. Also I work evenings and nights.


                    Bull A certified teacher I know teaches Diamond Dallas Page Yoga does classes with a Wrestling Club and her other clients use the DDPY for weight loss. But if your a PT why ask about 5lbs ? Melon Fast - https://darebee.com/hive/kitchen/603...-melon-cleanse

                    Try this workout . . .


                      I'm so confused. You're a wrestler, you're a personal trainer, and you don't "feel like exercising more than you have to"? I have never in all my years running gyms and clubs, met a wrestler or a PT who doesn't love to do the work. That's why these men and women do what they do. They enjoy the process, they enjoy the sweat and the GAINZ and they want more. It's always about more.

                      I'm shocked that you claim to be a personal trainer and a wrestler, both fields which can hyper-focused on the number on the scale.

                      If you really want to see five fewer pounds on the scale, do it the easy way: Go to the bathroom. You'll drop the weight in no time.


                        Originally posted by Bull View Post
                        How do I cut 5 pounds by the end of January? I need help.
                        You cut 5 pounds one pound at a time, sorry if that over simplifies it but it makes achievable milestones along the way. If you have a lot of weight to lose then it will be easier than someone who does not.

                        Firstly measure your weight and then use a TDEE tracker to calculate your daily calories (I'd suggest an exercise modifier of 1.5 if you're going to be active): https://manytools.org/handy/bmr-calculator/
                        This will give you your calorie limit each day if you were to maintain so take off 15-20% and now you're eating in a calorie deficit so you should begin to lose weight. This isn't as aggressive as My Fitness Pal which will reduce your intake by 3500 calories per week to enable you to lose one pound of fat. Try to eat plenty of protein circa 1.4-1.5g per kilo of body weight which will help you feel full longer and also help with maintaining muscle mass.

                        Walk and be active as much as you can so your general activity level is up every day, if you can do 10 000 steps per day that is awesome. Stick on a podcast or some music it need not be dead time. This is burning those calories.

                        Workout 3-4 times a week with some intensity.

                        If you want to exercise less, then you need to eat less. It's a simple equation - burn more calories than are consumed equates to a weight loss; burn less calories than are consumed and it is a weight gain.

                        Remember to sleep and hydrate. Weigh yourself at the same time each week so parameters are consistent.

                        Bull you say you are a PT, I'll be honest, I'm surprised you don't know this.


                          Bull ... you would have to work exceptionally hard to lose even a single pound merely through exercise.
                          Yes, you will look really buff when done, but you will have worked for it.
                          You lose pounds mainly in the kitchen. Eat less. Eat better. Cut out any calories lacking nutritional content ("added sugar" is a warning sign)

                          Are you sure you need to "lose 5 pounds"? Or do you really want to look "5 pounds slimmer"?

                          The latter is more work but you can see it in the mirror. The former? Maybe see it, maybe not. Maybe go for both?