Three-point pain in my arm...

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    Three-point pain in my arm...

    Yesterday, while playing Borderlands 3, I heard my cell phone ring upstairs. When I tried to get up, I pushed myself with my right arm... then felt a crashing pain near my right shoulder - just below it, actually. Later during the evening, I was stretching my arms a bit (because I was tired) and felt the same painful snap near my right elbow. I've also been having some problems lifting my right arm straight up as I feel a pulling sensation in the middle of my biceps...

    Does anyone know what all this is about? and how to fix it?

    YurixTheWanderer I am really sorry to hear this. The shoulder is a really complex joint (two, rolled into one actually) which is why it goes wrong so easily. Now, your description provides only some hints. Clearly the shoulder has an issue and it sounds like a rotator cuff tear or a labral tear (they are different issues) but it also sounds like the issue did not start from there (it very rarely does) and it is situated in the elbow which is also affecting the bicep. The real question here, regardless of exact diagnosis, is what to do. There are a few things. First give it a day of rest. That will help things settle down a little (you can still exercise your lower body, just no upper body work). Then start with the Rotator Cuff workout. And then gradually try working through these shoulder workouts at different levels. The bit that is going to be really hard to do and which you must absolutely do is to go easy and be methodical. Shoulder injuries can take up to six months to heal (depending on severity) and you really need to listen to your body and track its improvement as your injury heals, otherwise you will risk re-injuring it. I really hops this helps.