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    What can I do?

    Hi all.

    I'm am slim and I want to follow the program Training Plans.

    There are tone exercises I do without problems, like squats but I have more difficult with push ups. What kind exercises program should I follow?

    Other questions:

    for Strength Workout do you mean "full body"?

    Excuse my english

    You can follow any of the workouts you want to. If you want to improve your strength for things like push ups then try 30 days of gravity which helped me. That is all about building on the reps you've done before.

    You can regress push ups to make them easier:

    Regular push up - Most difficult
    Regular push up using stairs or a step to elevate your body - Makes the angle less horizontal therefore easier
    Knee push ups
    Standing push ups against a wall - Adjust the angle of your body for difficulty. - Easiest

    Yes, there are more difficult versions of a regular push up but since we're looking at building up to the movement then those are some options.

    Any other exercise that helps your triceps will also help with push ups such as tricep dips and also your chest so things like chest press or floor press if you have any weights.

    I hope that helps and good luck.


      First welcome Tiger Burpee !

      You can find modification for several exercise here to increase/decrease the difficulty. Thus, you can scale them on the basis of your level.

      Strength workout in the context of training plans - in my opinion - should be interpreted as a full body strength workout.

      Anyway, when one is starting to train, I think is better to use a program since the programs helps to build the correct mental approach (having no total free days). Moreover the programs have different levels of difficulty. Hence, it's easy to apply them in a correct way.

      I am agree with Scott to recommend you 30 days of gravity.