7-Day Plant-Based Fasting?

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    7-Day Plant-Based Fasting?

    Hi Bees,
    I have been thinking about trying the 7-Day Plant-Based Mealplan but I am on a fasting diet since forever, I really like this kinde of eating form and would like to continoue.
    So the question is how can I rebuild the 7-Day Plant-Based Mealplan to match a fasting diet?
    And if some of you tried it, or a variation of the 7-Day Plant-Based Mealplan, how was it? What changed an what were the easy and hard parts? (also, is it cheaper?)

    Thanks in advance Bees

    I did a vegan diet for several days leading to a mono melon fast, then back to several days vegan, felt good, no hunger but had a reaction to to much papaya, my wife was fine, we ate 3 papaya between us in one day (see link).

    I'm not vegan/vegetarian but lean that way a lot with eating. https://darebee.com/mealplans/7-day-plant-based.html looks good. I have Alpen cereal instead of oatmeal but often not eat breakfast when going to Yoga class.