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    Keeping Healthy Habits

    Anyone have any tips for keeping the healthy-trends going while in a demanding job?

    I'm starting at a B&B, and will be trained to be a restaurant supervisor. Although all the jobs below that level will probably have the same demands >> on your feet all day, and really long hours.

    I'd like some ideas to keep my health in check, because we all know that this type of work + stress usually makes it difficult to keep the routine of eating healthy and exercising. Its often first to go out the window - and I would like it if it didn't happen to me.

    Any tipz&trickz?? Hehe

    To me and my partner it helps a lot to plan the meals in advance, you can always change at the last but so you have the possibility to always be prepared, hardly a meal put together quickly is healthy, especially when you are hungry and want to hurry


      I don't have tips for exercise, as I am notoriously bad at keeping an exercise schedule. But for the eating, I have some tips, I learned the hard way.
      Disclaimer: I do eat carbs and some of the tips only work, if you do too.

      - Be realistic: I usually won't cook after long work days (my hours vary from day to day). On these days, I take some precooked meals out of the freezer.

      - Use your time: on my free days, I like to cook. So I usually prepare 2-4 portions and freeze some of them.

      - Have breakfast at home if possible. Eat your meals at the table.

      - I like salad, but I hate plain or bought dressings. So I make enough dressing for 4-6 portions and keep them in a bottle in the fridge.

      - Sandwiches: I always have some high-quality, nutritious bread at home. With some humus, chesse and vegetables, I have a quick meal. I usually bring sandwiches for lunch.

      - Frozen vegetables are life savers. They are pre-cut, healthy and quick.

      - I second Fremen: don't buy groceries from day to day. I usually shop twice a week and have a plan for each day, depending on the amount of time I'll probably have.

      - Don't be fancy: Pasta, spinach and eggs are a good meal. With some garlic, butter and nutmeg it is not only healthy but also tasty and prepared in 15 mins.

      - Snacks: Bring your snacks to work. Use fruits, nuts and vegetables which don't go bad, if you don't manage to eat them. (apples, tomatos, grapes, ... nothing pre-cut)


        I haven't had to worry about a job yet since I started fitness (hopefully that is changing very soon) but I think that working out in the mornings is key to my somewhat new consistency. I try to get to the gym by 6am and be done by 7am every day. I'm kinda pretending I have a job for the time being so I can confidently say "yah, I'll be up and ready to kick ass by 8am." Morning's are great because I can sometimes mobilize to the gym before I'm awake and when I leave the gym I always feel amazing. Gym also has the advantage of familiar faces who motivate me even with no words exchanged.

        Re: consistent eating... it's still a struggle for me but tracking with myfitnesspal has me at least hitting my daily goals more consistently.


          I second what's already been said about food. For exercise, being realistic and cutting yourself some slack for the first few weeks while you get used to the new job should help you balance work and exercise. Being on your feet all day working is exercise in itself so going for a light program/workouts or doing yoga could be a good way to continue without overloading yourself, as well as having planned exercise rest days. My favourite yoga video for being worn out after work is Adriene's Yoga for the Service Industry and it's fantastic after a long day. I highly recommend it.


            What I found very useful for dealing with getting (mostly) healthy meals when time's short is having a solid stock of meals I can prepare almost automatically, which are inexpensive and quick to make. In practise, this means I have maybe five meals I can always fall back to. I like how they taste, I get the ingredients quickly and they don't cost much (or I can stock them up in my home), they don't take much to prepare for and I can make them quickly without thinking much about the whens and hows.
            I found it necessary not to have too much choice, hence the number five. That way, when the day's work's done, you just decide on one of the five meals, get buying if you don't have the ingredients, and then get cooking. It really saves mental capacities.


              What everyone said...I’m on and off again relatively healthy, but when I’m my best, I prep and plan like crazy.

              I live in the middle of nowhere​, so I’ll do a big shop in town. Usually I’ll buy a mix of frozen broccoli and cauliflower. I’ll buy some fresh cabbage and maybe asparagus. I’ll parboil the cabbage and portion it in the freezer. The fresh asparagus I’ll eat in the first few meals.​​​​​ I’ll even buy some mushrooms. I’ll either cook or portion them raw in the freezer so I can pull out what I need.

              I prep a lot of meat and portion it in the in my shop, I might get a few whole chickens, lamb roasts and a pork roasts. I even get some chicken legs/breaks/thighs or whatever..some chops or steaks and portion those up so I can defrost when I need...for the roasts, I might do some slow cooker and some in the oven, so I have a couple dozen or more portions. That way when I eat, I can just grab a portion of meat and cook up some veggies to go with it. Also sometimes I’ll just reheat the meat with a veggie of my choice in some broth to make a soup or stew.

              You can keep the seasoning light when you cook the meat at first and that way, when you defrost/reheat it, you can mix up the spices. I have lots of spices on hand so it doesn’t get boring, my go to mixes are curry powder, a nice herb mix, ‘tex mex’, five spice seasoning, old bay seasoning...I always do my own mixes so I can surprise myself and then it never gets boring but doesn’t take forever.

              Also, I fast through the day. I’m flat out at work as well, and that way, I only have to cook one meal a day. It saves so much time and prevents me from losing my cool and throwing a tantrum that there’s just too much to do in the day.

              I’m better at doing well for health in terms of food...for exercise, I’ve just managed to get into a routine...the only thing I got to say here, is that I just tell my brain that this is what I do...I’m an exerciser and it’s just part of who I am, so why would I skip it...the most important thing has been setting the time for myself. I had been waking up early and doing a morning walk, but I started to get scared of the snakes (cuz snake season)...even though I haven’t kept up with my walking now, I still do my challenges and program after I get home from work and before I eat dinner. The only time I’ve struggled is when I go to town for work or for holidays and I don’t have that routine. So I guess routine, routine, routine.

              Good luck with your training and congrats on your new role. Make sure you take time to settle into it, especially since it’s on your feet all day! Seems like you could even cut back on training if you’re going to be moving around heaps.