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    Just curious whats your opinion on the Keto diet?

    To be fair, I've never tried it, but I'm of the "all things in moderation, including moderation."

    I'm extremely skeptical of any sort of trend, especially in nutrition. The most robust evidence I've read is related to its role in reducing seizures, so its effects as a diet I can't really comment on too much. I'm sure, as with most diets, you can find a lot of proponents and detractors. Interested to follow this thread, though.


      It works, but is extreme. You make yourself very easily dehydrated and prone to electrolyte crashes. If you go on/off the diet you yoyo water weight rediculouly. But it is nice for controlling hunger, and cuts out 90% of the shit most ppl overeat. It can be healthy if you stick to meats, eggs, dairy, non starchy veg...or can be full of unhealthy processed crap like low carb chemical fake ice cream.

      IF you are significantly overweight/obese AND you can commit to following it for at least 6 months with minimal body confusing cheats AND you mostly eat real food w the occasional fake nonsense to ward off a cheat, it can work. It worked for me in the past (lost 110 lbs in 10 months to get to a healthy bmi the first time in my adult life). But it is not to be done lightly and you need to research how to balance your electrolytes more carefully than a vegan weightlifter researches protein.


        My two cents, I want to add some other consideration (I totally agree with 'rin).

        First, kedo diet works but it has some"problems":
        (*) it's not easy to manage, since it's a hypocaloric and low carb diet, that has a set of well-know side effects on health status (in the case it is not implemented in a correct way)
        (*) it's not easy to maintan. The promblem to follow a diet regards the fact that more a diet is extreme and changes the behavoiurs , more is difficult to follow for not short time, since the stress does not regards only boy but also mind.
        (*) since is a low carb protocol and it is extreme, you should plan your training considering that you are following a keto diet. It's not an agenda plan (i.e. the choice of the best moment in the day, in which one can train, as one could do in the case one is following a interval fasting diet), but it regards only the kind of workout that one can do, i.e. hard workouts are not suggested (since one is not "strong" having low carbs in the diet and also hard trainging seems to work agains effect of keto diet )


          thepresident definitely about training! Keto is beyond fine for low impact steady state (walk, swim or cycle at an easy pace, or jog if already a runner prior forever np - I walked upwards of 30 miles in a day on keto) but you will have no gas in your tank for anything speedy or explosive. Forget running or other high intensity cardio. If you already have a habit to do fasted strength training prior to starting you will be ok continuing it on keto...but trying to start a new strength training program will be harder and your gains will be somewhat limited regardless bc your muscles won't have glycogen to use.


            Strict keto imo is a no-go. Too tough to maintain and have appropriate energy in long run. Short term, a few weeks to 90 days, it can really help boost weight loss. I've done this...did it for 3 months after having my now 12 yr old son...lost about 40 lbs in those 3 months. But, from a maintenance perspective, keto is a challenge, but LOW CARB is manageable for long term lifestyle...this is where I am. Also, low carb keeps my inflammation at a manageable level which helps me feel better. I exercise moderation as well. If you completely deprive yourself, you are likely to binge. Balancing macros is more important than the actual number counts body's happy place is 25% to 40% carbs, 20% to 30% protein, and 30% to 50% healthy fats like cheese, yogurt, nuts. Check out my thread as I document my food daily. Eat REAL food and stay away from the FAKE. Best wishes on your journey!


              I have no experience in strict keto but have done a strict low-carb diet in February / March this year.
              With a low-carb diet you can reach the ketose point especially if you cut out pure carbohydrates (sugar / grains) and do exercises.

              I have progressed from low-carb to low-gi. I eat lots of salades / vegetables, but also consume small portions of fruit, beans, pastas, rice (whole grain / brown). Once in a while I eat out in a restaurant and loosen-up a bit.

              Now 10 months in I have lost about 10 kg and "almost" reached my perfect weight. For the future I hope I can get rid of a bit more fat.

              Since the beginning of this month I have adjusted my training. Earlier this year I focussed on loosing weight now I am slowly moving to muscles tone and power development. My exercises are now shorter and more explosive plus I have added a weight training component "Iron Born".

              From experience: It is hard to do high-impact training while you are in ketose. In the first 2-3 weeks I struggled to run on a moderate tempo, after 10 - 15 minutes I felt depleted. My condition was fine but I could not keep up with the pace I was used to. I discovered a few low-impact steady state (Hiking / Swimming / Mountainbike) sessions where the solution. After 4-6 weeks my low-carb diet allowed some beans this was the moment I could perform longer and faster.

              I don't know what your goals are and how much weight you want to loose?

              Strict keto or strict low-carb can be a good starter to get off the first few kg/lbs. I have opted for low-carb because you are learning good food habbits from day 1. Afterwards you can move to something that is sustainable for your whole life. I think the Darebee food section is also developed for the long term, you can get inspiration from there.


                photon I was asking as a general question since an acquaintance of mine was telling me shes lost a good amount of weight from when she began Keto about a year and a half ago.
                I'm aiming to lose 50 lbs and since I began darebee, i've lost 5. Its just hard for me to stay consistent with both diet and exercise. Mainly I kinda just snack and have either lunch or dinner so it just depends how my day goes.
                I also have a really bad habit of buying starbucks a lot so I figured even if i could start getting Keto drinks, maybe that would help me out in cutting down my sugar.

                I'll defenitly check out the food section and see what's on there.

                Thank you everyone


                  When I started it helped me a to make a food plan every week. In the evening I cook fresh food at home and prep small vegetable snacks, breakfast and lunch for the next day.

                  Coffee is not forbidden but only if it does not contain sugar / sirop / icecream. (There are people who use some Stevia in there coffee I don't do that). Try to ban coffee as much as possible.

                  The only keto drinks are water and tea. Light coke, 1kcal drinks or processed variants don't learn you to stay away from sugar. When you need some flavor try pure ginger or lemon/limes.

                  ​​​​​​Loosing 50 lbs is a challenge a true transformation. Choose a plan and stay focussed step-by-step you can improve but take it slowly.

                  Support and information can be found here but you have todo it yourself.