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    Total Abs Program

    Hello everyone. I had a question regarding the Total Abs program and the 30 Days of HIIT Advanced workouts. Darebee recommends that I should mix both programs into my daily routine for better results and definition in my abs. But it is to my knowledge that HIIT (or any sort of cardio) kills gains, especially if it is cemented into my daily routine. My goal is to look shredded and integrating both workouts seems a bit troublesome for my growth, considering I'll be doing a muscle-building program that requires bulk and fat-loss program that disposes of said bulk. What should I do? Note: the Total Abs program is also a 30-day program.

    HIIT is different than most cardio. It incorporates strength exercises too, that makes it muscle-sparing. And, it lasts a short time. It's not about endurance...its about going all out for those 20 minutes.

    Muscle Building and Fat Loss are both primarily results obtained by diet.

    To build muscle size, you must eat slightly more than maintenance, enough protein and good quality calories.

    To lose fat, you must eat slightly below maintenance, while doing strength building exercises. (Remember, HIIT incorporates these)

    In both scenarios, eating enough protein to maintain muscle is crucial.

    Another component you might think of adding is a 16 Intermittent Fasting protocol. That is, skip breakfast or dinner. Drink black, unsweetend coffee or water during the fasting period. Fasting has been shown to increase Human Growth Hormone which is also muscle sparing. It also helps recovery during sleep.

    I think you need to choose what you want to do first. Cut, or bulk.


      Junkie XL hello and welcome hard to say when no info about your status is written at all. I mean,are u in the beginning of your journey ? Or are u let me say intermeddiate gym fit?
      From my own experience I can say,that TOTAL ABS program is not for beginners , it's focused on ABS muscles and Darebee recommend to combinate it with HIIT or so,because the program is meant to be to ,,cut ABS,, muscles which you already have!
      on sum up, ABS muscle training should be done or actually can be done every day, belly muscles and also calves muscles are muscles which do not have to have a rest day! So you do not have to worry or wait for anything 😏😎 !!
      Start your workout and I wish u the best results!!