IT band issues, asking for advice to fix fast

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    IT band issues, asking for advice to fix fast

    This is my current activity set I am doing for myself for the week to let you know where I am coming from:

    Knight training Program:

    Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
    start with Fighters Warmup
    Lady Knight workout, level 3, extra credit = only 1-minute rest between sets, modified sets w/ 8lb dumbbell
    recover with Fighter's Stretching

    Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays
    Warmup with 40 march steps followed by 40 march steps with outward hip rotation
    Running 26-27 minutes of around medium to medium/high effort
    3 sets of forward bend stretch (30 seconds each)
    3 sets of standing quad stretches (30 seconds each side)
    3 sets standing calf stretch (30 seconds each side)

    Sunday rest day (only stretching and/or foam rolling allowed at most)

    This routine has been working so far, until late last week, an old enemy from about 2 years back hit, IT band syndrome.
    Symptoms felt are knee pain and tightness in the outer side of the hip down to around mid-thigh (left leg, symptoms not felt on the right leg), tightness also affects hip and leg mobility (is minor right now, but was near crippling 2 years ago)
    Other things of note, I have flat feet and right leg shorter than left leg, I DO wear arch supports in my shoes and a heel insert in my right shoe to compensate.
    Also, I have problems with some patellar tracking, knees click frequently, wear knee sleeves during activities to help.

    Specifically, this is the knee sleeve I use:

    I really want to keep up with my routine but don't want to feel this pain and/or have it get worse.

    Any advice on how to help with this issue, including alleviating pain and further prevention, would be greatly appreciated.

    While I don't have much to say to help myself, I've found two past threads you can dig through and hopefully find something that helps:

    Dealing with knee issues?
    Knee Miscellaneous

    And maybe other Bees can help you, as well.


      Hi you probably know this already. If you have flat feet and knee tracking problem (knees caving in), you will want to work on strengthening the glutes, especially the glute medius, and then your feet/ lower leg muscles, not just calf raises the gastroc and soleus. One of the exercises I know is arch lifting, which helps me.

      Building mind muscle connection at the glute medius is very important, too. One is, you basically want to able to create that external rotation of the thighs at the hip joints as you contract your hip muscles. If you do single leg standing, the external rotation will really stabilize your entire leg. If you squat, and you do the rotation thing every time before descending, it will help prevent your knees from caving in.

      If you still wobble, the problem probably comes from the bottom end, which is your flat feet.

      EDIT: the external/ lateral rotation of the thighs can actually come from your glute max. See here
      It tends to rotate the thigh slightly laterally (outwards) as it extends. [...]The fibers that help form the iliotibial band can help to produce knee extension and provide lateral stability around the knee. Gluteus maximus also plays a part in maintain good foot position. Its ability to aid lateral rotation of the hip helps to raise the medial longitudinal arch of the foot. You can test this by standing completely relaxed and then clench your glutes tightly together. The inner border of your foot will likely lift up slightly, particularly if you have flat feet.
      Not an expert myself But yeah you gonna train both hip muscles.