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    1&1 Mealplan

    Is the 1&1 Mealplan an example of Calorie Cycling? Where you can make every odd numbered day of the calendar Under 1000 Calories and every even numbered day higher calories without going nuts (Like 1500 to 2500). I was thinking of just making a meal that is 1400 calories total (with enough protein for my weight for the entire day) and just eating from that meal throughout day (and repeating by making a different one each day) So Day 1 would be Beef Fillet and Broccoli stir fry, next day would just be a rack of chicken kabobs with all sots of veg on skewers, etc. So I only need to cook once a day, and have a different daily meal I eat until I make the next. Then I can track my calorie intake knowing how much is in the meal as a whole.

    Tinktank I wouldn't recommend a plan to consistently eat fewer than 1000 calories per day, even while cycling. It would be effective to lose weight, but it might also limit your fitness level in other ways.