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    Question about sets of ab exercises

    Hi folks. I'm new here. I apologize if this is a repeat question.

    Day 2 of "Spartan Trials" features both a leg-raise elbow plank and a side elbow plank. Level I and Level III call for an odd number of sets. If I do an odd number of sets, then one side of my abdomen will get more of a workout than the other side. (Set 1 = left leg-raise plank, and left side elbow plank, Set 2 = right leg, right elbow, Set 3 = left leg, left elbow...)

    So, my question is: Is the intention to do 40 seconds per leg, 40 seconds per side for one complete set of these exercises?

    Photo attached for reference.

    Click image for larger version

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    HI StationaryWaves & welcome to The Hive
    For level III:
    40' elbow plank

    20' left raised leg elbow plank
    20' right raised leg elbow plank

    20' left side elbow plank
    20' right side elbow plank

    From the manual:
    "Reps" stands for repetitions, how many times an exercise is performed. Reps are usually located next to each exercise’s name. Number of reps is always a total number for both legs / arms / sides. It’s easier to count this way: e.g. if it says 20 climbers, it means that both legs are already counted in - it is 10 reps each leg.
    In your case think seconds instead of reps.

    All the best


      Thanks Andi64 ! I did see that in the manual, but I guess I didn't put two and two together for the timed exercises. Makes perfect sense, now that you mention it.