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    Which Programme??

    Hi all, wondered if anyone can recommend a programme?

    i'm looking for purely upper body, need to lose the belly, the moobs and tone biceps.
    My knees are shot, just did a sandbag routine (3 sets) and they already ache - too much martial arts in youth has caught up with me. So I intend to stick to cycling for leg training.

    So, my aim is to find some training programmes for upper body and weight loss. Do these Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays then a cycle on Saturday or Sunday.

    any suggestions?

    There isn't any program that is purely upperbody except Total Abs and Back and Core I guess.

    I would suggest Cardio Trim which says it's upperbody focus, and then modified the lowerbody related exercises to their low impact versions. Or you can check out strength training programs and do the same thing to lowerbody exercises.

    Or you can do challenges or individual workouts. I suggest doing glutes and leg strength exercises, though, if knee is your problem. Just start with low impact ones.