mixed weight for dumbbell workout in general?

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    mixed weight for dumbbell workout in general?

    So I want to buy ankle/wrist weights (adjustable). It says up to 20 lbs in total.

    Now I have a pair of 2kg dumbbells. If I put 10 lbs on each wrist and then curl with the dumbbells will it work like I am curling 7kg? Is it recommended or is it actually not so good/healthy?

    It's... different

    When you grab a dumbbell it engages your forearms, so dumbbell curls - even if they mainly target your biceps - do engage your forearms quite a lot.
    You completely take that out of the equation when you put on wrist weights. Yes, the load on your biceps is bigger, but you won't engage your forearms at all (not with the wrist weights, that is).


      TheRaven Thank you!

      But if I simply want to add weight to exercises like squat, calf raises, etc., wearing wrists weight or weight in general will help, right?

      And if I want to add weight to exercises like the leg extension for Glute of Steel, is ankle weight good for that?

      Lowerbody exercises are what I have in mind mainly.


        I always depends on the exercise.

        If you want to add weights to squats then it's better to have the weights as close to your center of mass (torso) as possible, wrist weights wouldn't be as effective (except when you hold your hands close to your body). The same goes for calf raises. Ankle weights would be completely useless for these exercises.

        Ankles weights would be your best option for leg extensions or leg raises, yes.