Questions for Stretching workout and others

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    Questions for Stretching workout and others

    The description says there should be no pull/push motion nor any "bounce", so I guess I should stay completely relaxed for this workout, but I have to use a lot of forces.

    For #3 I have to pull my leg hard toward the chin or the chest and the whole thing isn't relaxing at all.
    For #1 I have to pull my toes a lot with my hands, too, otherwise the form will collapse. My legs aren't very relaxed, either.
    #2 is better but I also need some forces to bend my body forward, or it won't stretch as much,
    For #6 I have to push my crossed-arm hard with the other hand.

    Am I doing anything wrong? I have the most trouble with #3, and sometimes I don't feel anything being stretched...
    Also, how should the feet be positioned in side splits? Should my toes point forward or to the side in alignment with the legs?

    In Addition:
    For the first two stretches on the 3rd row in Fighter's Stretching, should I do static holds or dynamic stretch (so keep switching between the 2 pics in each stretch)

    For the sitting knee-to-elbow exercise should my feet be off the ground or in contact with it, or it doesn't matter?