I need help for my first Urbanian

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    I need help for my first Urbanian

    Hey Bees!

    I need your help. I am preparing for the Urbanian Run (Germany, obstacle course over 5/10 km), but I have no experience with bodyweight training. I am coming from running, Kung Fu and Dancing, and I am in need of some tips and tricks to prepare for the obstacles (mostly climbing). Which workout/program seems appropriate to gain the strength to lift 90 kg (198 lbs?) starting practically from 0 (the run will be in summer/fall next year)?

    I hope that you can help me.

    Your noob ReYas

    Hi, ReYas and welcome to The Hive. I would invest in a pullup-bar. To get over obstacles (mostly climbing), You need a lot of upper- body strength. In the workout section of this amazing website it says 'Load the workout filter'.
    There You can filter the workouts that require a pullup-bar and/or upperbody strength. E.g. like this.
    All the best and good luck with Your run
    Forgot: The top casing of a door frame makes a good hold for pullups sometimes and is gripwise probably closer to climbing than the bar.