Unable to enter tracking info on webpages

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    Unable to enter tracking info on webpages


    Earlier, I got an error saying darebee.com is forbidden.

    I searched online for advice about what to do about it and the advice was mostly delete cookies, website info etc.

    I did that and then was able to open the website, sign in and browse pages.

    My problem is that all the ticks have gone from the day tracker on the program I am doing and they don’t return when I click them. The touch screen reacts when I touch it so it knows it’s been touched but the tick doesn’t show.

    Please advise, thanks.

    There was a problem with darebee half an hour ago. When looking into the programs or on the site, I see that the Tracking Log In isn't present. So I guess there're still some minor problems around. I advise just waiting for a bit and tracking your workouts per hand for now.


      Hi BroBirkendude we got hacked a couple of hours ago (ransomware) so multiple services are disabled now until we figure out how the hacker got in. I can't say when the tracking will be back I am afraid as the script may have been the way in. I am terribly sorry for this, we just had no other choice and we had to react fast.

      Again, I am really sorry.


        Thanks for getting back so quick, appreciated.

        Never mind my minor moaning, that sounds like quite a thing. I’m sure I can make do.