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    Running Speed?

    Hello everyone,

    maybe this question was already answered, but i cant find it.
    In the running programms it says e.g 2min 2min run for an exercise, but at what speeds or at what exertion. Same with the "light Jog".
    thank you for your answers in advance

    Hello calgaran, I am not sure which exact program you are talking about but in general the directions are given pretty clearly.
    For example in the From Walking to Running, as it is a beginner program, the runs are at the comfort of the person doing the activity.

    But in the case of Roadwork, it is clearly mentioned where to jog, where to sprint and where to run at comfortable pace.

    Again all these (jog, run, sprint) can be different for every person, like someone's run might be a jog for some other or someones sprint might be a jog for some one else.

    So, unless it is explicitly mentioned, you have to run at your comfortable pace. In addition may be this might help you Nike Training Plan, the first 10 pages give a pretty good idea on different types of runs and training methods.
    But I would suggest to select a single darbee running program and stick to it and then move on to another program..


      Hi calgaran .

      Jogging, running and sprinting can be roughly defined as:

      jogging: speed at which you can move and comfortably hold a conversation
      running: speed that you can maintain for a longer period of time, but makes it hard to talk
      sprinting: all out, pedal to the floor

      That obviously is different for every person, with these estimates you can define the speed for yourself. If your interested we do have an article on this specific topic: [Walking, Jogging, Running]

      I hope this helps!