Mass Effect mealplan doubts

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    Mass Effect mealplan doubts

    1) Meal order
    This is the meals order that I can see on the page:
    Meal 1 A+B+C
    Meal 2 A+C
    Meal 3 A+C
    Meal 4 A+B+C

    Is the order important? Maybe I like this more:
    Meal 1 A+C
    Meal 2 A+B+C
    Meal 3 A+C
    Meal 4 A+B+C

    2) Measuring quantity
    When I measure a cup i should use a measuring cup, right? Not a scale because I can see on the page:
    You can have a go-to cup (a measuring cup or a cup that fits the volume of a measuring cup) at hand to help guide you.
    And I should measure the food after it has been cooked, right? Because it changes a lot, for example for the pasta.

    3) C list
    Half avocado is like 2 cups of the other things of the C list, right? Or is 1 avocado like 2 cups of tomatoes?

    Is artichoke a C list element?

    4) Snack problem
    Is not easy have 4 meal plus a snack (that is like a meal A+C), can I fuse the snack into the meals?

    Sometimes I skip the third meal and I never managed to do the snack.

    5) Sharing meals schedule
    Can you share your meals (and snack) schedule?

    6) Bread quantity
    In the B list I can see bread 2 slices, I want to use a scale.
    Because bread can have very different shapes.
    How many grams is 2 slices?

    7) Where are barley and spelt? A, B or C?