Programs, Challenges, and daily dares? + Diet Advice

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    Programs, Challenges, and daily dares? + Diet Advice

    I currently weigh about 140lbs at a height of around 5'11'' and hope to gain about 5 lbs. I am semi-active, but my lifestyle currently does not demand much physicals activity at all aside from whatever exercise I choose to do myself. I am wondering if it is possible to do the Goodmorning Challenge along with daily dares and a program in a healthy fashion. If so, what program would be recommended for a beginner wanting to commit to a challenge and doing the daily dares? What should I keep in mind in order to avoid acute straining or strain over time when staying physically active at that level?

    An additional question I have is how can I maintain a calorie intake of over 2000 calories per day on a low-income? I currently don't have a significant source of income and am seeking ways to increase my daily calorie intake from a measly 1500 to over 2000. In the past 3 days I've managed to increase my average intake to about 2400 calories per day, but I have had to eat almost constantly when at home and the amount of food I have had to consume seems pretty significant compared to my income.

    It's fine.

    And hello, InkedPerception!

    The Foundation program is normally advised for beginners who want to get used to exercising, but judging from your unlocked achievements, it may be a little below your current fitness level. If you have access to a pull-up bar, 30 Days of Strength may be a good choice. It will help you make sure that your excess calories are actually used to make muscle.

    About how to eat properly with a low income... a lot of vegetarian protein sources, such as beans, lentils or brown rice, are much cheaper than meat or fish. And you may find the following article helpful:

    Don't hesitate if you have more questions, or need some more specific advice!