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    What to focus first?

    Hi, first time posting here.

    As a bit of info, I went from 120kg to 82kg in the last two years with diet mostly, so I really need to start doing exercise to get a bit in shape. The thing is, I have no idea where to start. Should I go for a streamline program to get rid of all the unnecesary fat I still have first or gain some muscle and strenght to fill the excess skin I got from losing all that weight?

    i really would appreciate any advice.

    Hi Xalcer welcome to The Hive...

    To answer your dilema there are a number of articles in the fitness section of Darebee.com, some of which that could enlighten you are

    1. How to Lose Weight & Gain Muscle
    2. Losing Weight / Losing Fat
    3. How to Build Muscle

    So essentially, if you are comfortable with your current body weight, just pick a program try out some workouts and see what you are comfortable with (in the sense not overwhelmed and can complete the program).
    you can check your current fitness level (the level at which to do the workouts) by doing this test.

    If all that didn't made any sense and you are still confused, just start with Foundation Program.

    Before finalizing on my program and how to go about I tried different things for almost 2 months to see what works for me and how far i can push and my schedule etc.,
    Hope this helps..

    All The Best...


      Originally posted by vrsthe1 View Post
      If all that didn't made any sense and you are still confused, just start with Foundation Program.
      In my opinion, when you don't know what to do, starting with the Fondation program is always the best thing, there is a little bit of everything and you get to know Darebee's way of training


        Third vote for the Foundation program. It has exercises for strength, cardio, stretching and even fighting moves (well, at least the old version had them). The current version (which you find in the program section) has tendon strength days instead of stretching and fighting. I think the old version is also a tiny bit harder. Maybe have a look at both and decide what you want to do more?

        Also, in my opinion, if you haven't exercised for a long time and/or have problems with habit-building and sticking to a training plan, I would even go one level lower and suggest Foundation Light. It's even easier than Foundation, but personally, for building a habit and getting into the groove I found it easier to have something quick and easy first, before I get de-motivated by workouts that might look to exhausting (and if you get the feeling it's really too easy, add a challenge or switch to Foundation)

        And welcome to the Hive!