Suggestions on what to do after Power Cardio

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    Suggestions on what to do after Power Cardio

    I have just finished doing Power Cardio, which felt awesome. I'm actually doing a mix between a bodyweight strength training and a routine for conditioning. The last 30 days have been awesome and I feel so much has improved from switching to a purely bodyweight strength workout.

    But now Power Cardio is finished and I want to do something else. I've browsed through the other programs but none really drew my attention. I need something hard for conditioning. My first option is Military Fit, though I'm not sure if it has the focus on conditioning that I want. Perhaps a modification of the level 3 conditioning programs will suit me nicely.

    I just wanted to hear some opinions on the matter

    30 Days of HIIT Advanced, reduce the rest time to 30" if you feel underwhelmed. That should get your blood pumping.
    All the best