Age of Pandora – Travel Points Calculations Help

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    Age of Pandora – Travel Points Calculations Help

    My partner and I started Age of Pandora this week, and so far it’s been smooth sailing. We will hit Chapter 5 tonight, and Chapter 6 later this week, and I’m completely confused on how to calculate the travel.

    So, I don’t know if I’m over-thinking this, which is entirely possible, but is this how I’m supposed to calculate travel?

    For each Location Point I complete: 4 High Knee Reps AND 50 Meters of Walking/Running --- Is this right, or is it the High Knees OR the Walk/Run

    Chapter 5 Example:
    Get from The Arc to The Camp = 18 Travel points[LIST][*]72 High knee Reps + 900 Meters (0.56 Miles) Walk/Run[/LIST]
    Chapter 6 Example: Using the Bunker 201 Contract of 50 Push-Ups for 80 Scraps
    Step 1: Camp to Agora “Canis” = 11 Travel Points[LIST][*]44 High Knee Reps + 550 Meters (0.34 miles) Walk/Run[/LIST]Step 2: Agora “Canis” to Bunker 201 = 18 Travel Points[LIST][*]72 High Knee Reps + 900 Meters (0.56 miles) Walk/Run[/LIST]Step 3: Contract of 50 Push Ups
    Step 4: Bunker 201 to The Camp (To get Paid) = 29 Travel Point[LIST][*]116 High Knee Reps + 1,450 Meters (0.9 Miles) Walk Run[/LIST](Or should I be traveling back to Agora “Canis” instead of the Camp in order to get paid?)

    Assuming I travel from Bunker 201 to The Camp to get paid, Chapter 6 would consist of:[LIST][*]232 High Knee Reps[*]2,900 Meter (1.8 Miles) Walk/Run[*]50 Push-Ups[/LIST]

    Am I calculating this correctly and Chapter 6 is about to kill me, or am I just all the way off base?

    Please help, I'm so freaking confused.

    you pick one of them, in the high knees, between the person, it says or, on the right side of the map.


      I thought the OR was between the High Knees OR the March.

      so I do either high knees or the walk/run, correct?


        That is absolutely correct. We're giving multiple options so people can choose what suits their lifestyle and fitness level best. If you like to go running, just run. If you'd rather walk, then walk. And if you'd rather stay at home, do high knees. Or combine them all, as long as the total fits the travel points you need.

        I hope this helps. Enjoy your time in Pandora!