I don't understand the "Focus: Abs" meal plan.

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    I don't understand the "Focus: Abs" meal plan.

    Regarding the abs meal plan


    Why is there 1/2 cup written at "A BUILDING"? Is that in relation to the half cup I would have created from those foods anyway? So its max 1/4th of a cup of cheese? Same with nut butter and nuts in block "B"?

    Thanks for helping out everybody!

    TrustMovement that is a very good question.


      Phew, glad I am not the only one Thank you for the reply RockNTennessee !


        TrustMovement you need to go with the 1/2 cup of any of these items that is mentioned at the top. The further mention of 1/2 cup specifically next to cheese slipped through the final edit. It shouldn't be there. Same goes for the nut butter and nuts in block B. I have now marked this for us to upgrade asap. Thank you for mentioning it!


          Damer So it's half a cup no matter what? The 1/4 cup nut butter would make sense though, are you sure that that is supposed to be half a cup too? And if it is 1/4 a cup, could I add another 1/4 of something else?

          I know, these are just some guide lines and thus I might a little overdo it with my questions, but could you also add a general idea for seasoning like "add salt if ... "?

          furthermore, is it half a cup of raw or of boiled food (rice for example)?

          Thanks a lot!

          Edit: Oh, and "a serving of fruit" is confusing me too. Whats a serving probably like?


            Actually, its hard for me to imagine that nuts, cheese and nut butter are not specifically marked for their calorie density.


              Hi TrustMovement and sorry for the delay. I was waiting for our in-house dietitian to come in so I could double check this with him. It's an update error. When we updated the section, some items got mixed up. It happens when we do mass updates I am afraid. I am really sorry for the confusion. I checked the notes with him this morning and we updated the chart. Thank you so much for bringing this up.

              Updated plan: https://darebee.com/mealplans/focus-abs.html

              And I hope this helps!


                Just looked at the plan and realized "wait, somethings different!" -What a great surprise. Makes being grateful easy today thanks neilarey and the whole team! Probably will even donate on a monthly basis now.

                One last question though: Is half a cup rice or pasta cooked (soaked with water) or uncooked? I guess it its cooked?



                  Hi TrustMovement awesome! I am really glad I could help!
                  And yes, the measurement are given for ready-to-eat amounts. So, that's for all cleaned and cut veggies and fruit, cooked veggies and cooked legumes and meat.

                  About a serving of fruit - we normally recommend to mix and match your fruit. So, for example, instead of having an apple or a banana you have half of each. Make a fruit salad basically and that's a serving. We get different vitamins from different fruit and vegetables and those are crucial for our health and all things fitness. We tend to focus on protein intake a lot but without vitamins and minerals there won't be any muscle building happening. We started focusing on micronutrients in our workshops recently (we have a dedicated kitchen for cooking and testing) and the results we are getting are incredible. We are seeing faster fat loss, faster muscle building AND faster recovery times. And this is also on reduced meat and higher Caloric intake, which is a whole different story but worth mentioning nonetheless.

                  I hope this helps! And also - welcome to the Hive