So I was doing the Tug of War Isometric Stretching and now I need help...

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    So I was doing the Tug of War Isometric Stretching and now I need help...

    So I was doing the isometric stretching since it said something about the stretching the muscles. I didn't quite get that. I was doing it and while I was resting I was reading the description and since I didn't read it before starting it I noticed it saying do not use it before doing a workout so I stopped during the second set, which got me wondering after testing it out by doing a few half jacks like 8 reps and I noticed my pecs were moving and it felt saggy. I touched it and it wasn't right so I went to the mirror, took off my shirt, and everything looked normal but the skin of my abs felt really saggy, I felt like I had noodle arms when I raised my shoulders, and my triceps were loose which got me worried... Now I asked my mom what's up and she told me that I should stop doing it before something bad happens.

    Now I never knew about muscle instability until I searched it up. I'm glad my body wasn't close to looking at how people's muscles were in the google images but something that caught my attention was how the shoulders were a bit above and I noticed the bone above my shoulder and I was wondering if thats normal or if I just never really paid any attention to it.

    The point is this isometric stretching really screwed me up and since I'm on day 21 of 30 days of Strength I can't really exercise since I have to wait. How long should I wait to recover? Should I take a rest of 30 days of Strength and wait for the next day? (I already took a rest once on day 8 and I feel like doing it twice will mess up my progress) Is there any possible way to recover so I can get back to working out? By keeping track of time I wrote this after I asked my mom and took 5-6 minutes typing this.

    Update: The tissue of the muscle in my pecs feels like they dropped. I'm kinda worried, any sort of advice or help is useful I just need someone to tell me what's going on since I'm feeling kinda weird.

    I wouldn't worry too much, Adudethatlikesexercise. It is true that stretching the muscles too much just before a strength workout is not advised, because it actually weakens them for a while. Hence the warning about muscle instability, which can lead to injury.

    But this muscle instability is only temporary, and since you've seemingly had no injuries to complain about, everything is probably fine. Just stretch after your strength workout, not before.

    And what you can see in the mirror is deceiving. Your muscles will grow stronger with time, but slight imbalances can always happen every now and then. As you grow more experienced, you'll see how you can correct them. But don't be scared if you feel a temporary lack of tone - growing stronger is not a linear process.

    I hope this helps.


      Thanks for the help Redline , my body was back to normal the next day but during that day after doing isometric stretching I think I did 3-5 half jacks and stopped since I worried. But days after that I really don't know if its that that caused my knee to hurt since I felt like my left leg's quad muscle was pushing my knee every time I made it straight when I raised it and it hurt for a while but after trying the Knee rehab workout, putting on lotion, and using ibuprofen the pain was slowly going away and now its gone.