Mild shoulder pain with tingling in fingers

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    Mild shoulder pain with tingling in fingers

    Past week or so I've had some pain in my shoulder and light tingling in my pinky and ring fingers on the right side. I've considered the hand numbness could be carpel tunnel but it feels somehow related to the shoulder thing. I tend to sleep on my sides and sometimes my shoulders will hurt for a day or two but this has been a bit longer.

    I plan to visit my doctor soon but it hasn't felt super urgent yet.

    I guess I'm wondering what's going on, has anyone experienced something similar? Is this like when your knee hurts and you just ride it out and rest? I can't imagine there's much else that could be done.

    The tingling sensation ebbs and flows; kicked in today while driving. Been trying to do more shoulder stretching lately.

    Whenever there are neurological issues (tingling), a visit to the doctor is highly recommended. The nerve that innervates the pinky and (part of) the ring finger is the ulnar nerve, which doesn't pass through the carpal, but rather the Guyon's tunnel. It might just be a slight compression originating from the neck/shoulder area, but if it's been longer than a day or two, you might want to have that looked at, just in case.


      If You wake up and Your shoulders hurt, You should consider buying an new (better) mattress and/or slatted frame (there are good ones with options to customise the hardness in different areas for reasonable prices). We spend ~1/3 of our lives in bed, so investing some money and time investigating good options might be a good idea. The bed should be a place of rest, not pain, no matter how You sleep in it.
      All the best


        Originally posted by thinman View Post
        My shoulder was like that, hurt doing exercise and sleeping on it was excruciating, it was bad. I started doing a rear trap exercise and seemed like magic it healed fast. This video is a random pick of what I did. I used two handle straps, arms extended and pull back into cactus/goddess arms and hold. I heard many get shoulder imbalance form not training the rear delts/traps

        Trying the bent over rear delt lateral raises with hot sauce bottles (bc I have the equipment). No pain so far and seems like good measure until I connect with my doctor. I've been trying to stretch/figure out how to exercise that part of my back/shoulder.

        EDIT: I do have resistance bands also; going to improvise a setup today and try it out.


          thinman Now that I've been going to a gym for a few weeks, I've been doing the cable machine face pulls and my shoulder is doing much better. I never made it to a doctor but I kept working out and the tingling/numbness faded (actually faded away mid-moving while I was lifting stuff). My tingling was never severe but it was disconcerting. If it hadn't improved I was planning on visiting a doctor.

          I'm doing face pull and a number of other shoulder exercises now with weights and my body feels like it's repairing itself properly.

          Wanted to revisit the thread to update and say thanks to everyone for the advice!