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    In between dumbell weights

    I have a bit of a problem!

    I've been doing ironborn on 10 kg (22 lb) dumbells.
    However i've come to the point that most / nearly all of the exercises are not giving me that challenge anymore I need for effective progress.
    I tried to up the weight, but! here's the kicker: If I go to 12 kg (26,5 lb) I can hardly do any of the exercises decently! Hell, tricep extensions basically lock my arm and I can hardly get it to move.

    What is an effective way to up my functional strength, so that I can effectively train with 12kg. Should I invest in lower increment weighted discs? ( 4x 0,5 kg ) So I can up with 1Kg on each arm in total?
    Should I just go for 12 and try as hard as I can?
    Do 10, but with more reps and sets until I can do 12?

    Any suggestion on how to tackle this barrier in a meaningful way would be greatly apreciated ^^

    Hi Basura Nephilim

    not a huge dumbbell expert but a long time kettlebell user where small jumps simply don't exist (you move up 4kg at a time at least traditionally by 8kg). I suppose I would stay with 10 and increase the number of reps then when it starts not to make sense anymore (like when you are doing series of 25 plus, isn't it time to up the weight ) you can either =
    - increase the weight and lower the reps back to the plan
    - apply a KB strategy
    * first day you replace one set with the heavier DB while keeping the first and successive sets at the initial weight
    * after a while you replace a further set
    * move on until you replaced all sets

    As well think that you don't progress linearly... in other words some exercise progress faster than other depending on many things so it can become quite rapidly illusory to use one set of dumbbells for everything because this limits you to your weakest exercise (eg a fly vs a deadlift, it is likely that if you use the weight you use for flies for DL it is not nearly heavy enough to impact) ... This is why the big inconvenient of DB training is that very fast you can need a full rack of them (fixed weights) or need constantly to change plates
    hope it helped


      Hi Basura Nephilim!

      Did you consider Strength Protocol already?
      It follows the same workout pattern but it's completely bodyweight based.
      However, the exercises on Strength Protocol seem to be more challenging than the ones on Ironborn.

      Hope it helps.

      Good luck!



        Are you tensing your muscles hard ? I see people in the Fitness Centre pick up light dumbbells and just go through the motions, I tell them to tense as if lifting very heavy, really focus on tensing rather than movement.


          Another way to tackle this could be to use different weights for different exercises, depending on what you can handle. For example, stick to 10kg for the tricep extensions, but use 12kg for curls...

          The way Ironborn is structured, you should be able to use your rest times to add or remove a couple of plates.