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    Programs that are easily modified?

    Hey, all! I have completed a few of the programs here (Ironborn, Power Up, Back & Core), and I'm looking to start something new. My only problem is that I suffer from an L5/S1 bulging disc with sciatica so I can't do jumping jacks, burpees, running, high knees, etc. I've had success modifying exercises in the other programs, but am unsure what program I should try next. Does anyone have suggestions on a program that can be easily modified for someone with back pain?

    For reference, I'm in fairly decent shape. I'm doing Ironborn a 2nd time with heavier weights, and am currently working on Yoga and several of the challenges (Yoga Abs, Power Grip, 50 Push Ups modified because I can't do full ones yet, Tricep Dips). But I really need something that gets my heart rate up for a longer time because I feel like I'm not getting enough cardio. I used to run and have completed several half marathons, but that's out now because of my back. Even brisk walking is tough.

    Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

    Hi jimsgrrl1104!

    I recommend that you try Strength Protocol!
    It looks like Ironborn but harder even with no weights.
    Also, it's a progression based workout and so you won't need to switch from that for a while.

    For cardio your best option would be swimming because it's low impact.
    That or you could also try biking.

    Hope it helps!
    Wishing you a quick recovery!



      I was gonna suggest the the Cardio Go! program. It specifically mentions that it is low impact and excludes (yay!) planks, Burpees, jumping jacks and high knees. I thought of it immediately when you said you needed cardio.


        DorothyMH I guess I'd only be concerned about the high knees (sprinting) and the half jacks. But I suppose I can do the high knees without sprinting (slower and a little higher than march steps) and do half step jacks or full step jacks instead. Thanks for the recommendation!!

        ruipfsilva97 I looked at that program earlier today and thought I might give it a shot. Thanks for mentioning it!