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    I've used a door frame pull-up bar for years and haven't yet fallen. If I fall, I can't imagine significant injury. The height of most door frames is around 210cm and the bar itself suspends from that. I have to tuck my legs to use the pull-up bar which means I am near ground.

    If falling and hurting yourself is a concern, I would suggest putting a soft pad under the bar. Anything from a yoga pad to a couch seat or pillow would do the trick. You could even do a precautionary set of planned falls from various stages of the pull up to see the effect of falling on the cushion from various heights. I think the furthest from the ground my knees get when doing the pull-ups is 1 meter.

    You could also approach it from a different standpoint until you build a sense of security. That is you could always start from a standing position and lift yourself up from the standing position without tucking your knees. This would allow for an easier landing. In the event of a fall your feet would hit first which would absorb much of the shock and impact and would allow you time to brace yourself for impact.



      That's what I'm gonna do!
      I bought this bar and I'm waiting for it to arrive.
      Thanks for the feedback!


        This is the bar I use (or close to it). Someone in my apartment complex threw it out around five years ago and I've been using it since then.