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    Microwaved food


    I am currently cutting and I am able to cook fresh every day because I only get 2 big meals and 1 snack.

    However I know that when I am done with my cut and start bulking I won't be able to do so because I'll certainly have to get 3 big meals.
    Therefore I'll​ have to take food with me to uni and reheat it later on the uni's microwave.
    The thing is that I don't really like most microwaved foods because I find that they get kind of a bad taste.

    So, what are the foods that, in your opinion, taste better when microwaved?
    I'm desperate to find some foods that I like when reheated or I'm screwed on my bulk phases.

    Note: I had already posted a similar thread but I dind't make it clear that I had to reheat the food on a microwave, which is a big difference.

    Before deleting the thread I already had a reply from Andi64:
    Originally posted by Andi64
    Hi ruipfsilva97,
    stews are defintily in the group 'gets better after every reheating', so all kinds of goulash, all the Indian dahls (lentil stew), gumbos and so on. Ragouts like Bolognese are also ok, but reheating pasta is not really working well. Reheating the sidedishes = the carbs (rice, potatoes, noodles) are more of a problem, usually a microwave is better than a stove. All kinds of dumplings (yes, I am Austrian, we and the Germans adore our rounded friends) work well in a microwave. Like some sides like potatoes they can be reheated in the stew itself.
    Happy cooking

    Insulated food jars / soup thermos can work these are a bit bulkier than than the coffee versions. Overall pasta bolognaise, bami, nasi, curries, soups are fine if you put hem in the microwave. I have seen steamers that can be placed in the microwave with these you can mimick (ofcourse you prep them yourself with fresh ingredients) takeaway an supermarket pre-made steam packages.

    You can make cold salades a bit heavier protein and kcal wise by adding smoked meat and all kinds of beans.