Experiences with Nike running club plans without audio cues?

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    Experiences with Nike running club plans without audio cues?

    The test subscription I got on my current running plan app is soon running out, so even tho I love it I'm currently looking around for free options.

    Someone recommend the Nike Running Club training plans, but it seems they depend on actually running with the Nike app audio cues? Has anyone ever used their training plans without the audio cues from the app?

    Ideally I'd like to just sync the app with my Garmin account, but don't actually listen to it's audio cues.

    I used their old training plans; they changed the way the plans are set up last year. Unless they changed the workouts, there are no audio cues except for the Benchmark workouts. Instead, they give you an "assignment" for the day; run 10x400m with a 2 min rest, for example. The app doesn't give you a cue for the distance or time. The "Benchmark" sessions do have audio, and it repeats for every workout. The coach gives you a little pep talk and overview while you start your warm-up, tells you when to start the 3 minute sprint, a couple time markers within that sprint, then when you've hit the time checkpoint. Then another little pep talk as you cool down. The app uses your distance/speed to set your "assignments" for the next part of your training plan. I don't think there's a way to do that manually, but it isn't precision rocket surgery--ending or beginning 10 seconds +/- won't give you weird numbers.