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    Workout Weekly Routine

    So for about 2 months i have been doing Darebee programs and i have seen huge improvements in my physical strength.

    So as i am joining the body weight community, i am noticing that as a rule of thumb, in order for your muscles to recover it is recommended to workout 3 times per week.

    To give you a general idea of my routine, for the past 2 months i workout almost everyday for about 10/ 20 minutes. The workouts i have used the most are DEATH-SQUAD, POWER PUNCH, RED REAPER and now i have started KRATOS and PT PYRAMID. ( power punch should not be on level 3, i find it very difficult to complete 3 sets ). Generally i am pretty satisfied with the workouts despite the fact that i complete only 3 sets per workout.

    Now my question is, should i workout everyday or have a day off after each workout?
    I have noticed that a day after a ~25 minute workout combination ( for example 3 sets of Kratos in the morning and 4 levels of Pt Pyramid in the evening ) the day after my performance is really bad compared to when i was in better shape ( regards to relaxation ).

    * If that helps i am 19 y/o, ~1.68 m, 62 kg *

    Antma, many of the Darebee programs are set up for a daily workout. What I have found is the daily workouts will have a lower body day, an upper body day, an abs day and some sort of active rest day. The purpose of the rest day is to allow the worked muscles to recover, so the three Days per week takes that into account. And is essential if the workout routine is full body. Doings different emphasis everyday allows the Monday, Wednesday, Friday muscles to recover while you work the Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday muscles then Sunday is and active rest day.

    After rereading that, it may not make a lot of sense, but it works.


      RockNTennessee thanks for the reply, hmm i am not a fan of leg exercises but since i agree with you i will implement a workout in my routine.
      Tell me your opinion but this is a plan i though :

      Monday == KRATOS combined with PT PYRAMID

      Tuesday == SPRINGBOARD combined with some jumping rope

      Wednesday == ALTAIR combined with PT PYRAMID

      Thursday == SPRINGBOARD combined with some jumping rope

      Friday == KRATOS combined with PT PYRAMID

      Saturday == SPRINGBOARD combined with some jumping rope

      Sunday == day off

      I have not checked on the mealplans though, do you have any suggestions to burn fat and build muscle ( if that is possible to achieve at the same time! )


        Antma, far be it for me to advise on the exercise programs you choose. I am far from an expert in physiology and exercise. I simply know what works for me and what I have read and experienced on exercise and muscle recovery. What I would say is, if the programs you have chosen will keep YOU motivated to follow them regularly, then by all means, it is a good plan.