Vertical Jump Ceiling Struggle

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    Vertical Jump Ceiling Struggle

    Hi, For 2 years I’ve been on and off a journey training to achieve a higher vertical jump height. For the first, couple months I’ve been seeing results and improvements like obviously (let’s just called it the first phase).

    But after training for a year there seems to be less to no height improvement other than an increases in quads and hamstring sizes. This goes on till the time 2 years. My standing Vertical is 31 inch and 3 step approach is 34 inch and has been that way till present. What I’ve noticed is that I’ve gained additional 10 pounds of muscles mass and my leap hasn’t drop down but remained the same. But some moves I did like box jumps were more refined than what it was when I first started.

    Is there any ways I could add on to my routine to break through this “ceiling” I’m facing? I’d appreciate them very much.

    Here are my list of what I currently doing twice a week:
    Deadlifts 6x4 with resistance band
    SmithMachine Bar Bulgarian Split Squat 5x3 with resistance band
    Box Jump 6x3
    Drop Jumps 6x2
    Kettlebell Swings 10x3 with resistance band pulling the hip
    Tuck Jumps 10x3

    Also I just tried doing Kneeling jump to box jump 6x3
    is it useful

    sometimes I did a 10 second sprints for 3 sets at the end of my session for explosive

    I am no expert on jumping high but here's a Darebee article on that

    I believe that the calves are responsible for jumping, so why don't you train them to see if it helps, if you are not doing so already?
    You can also try working on your flexibility, more stretching, and tendon strength. Anything that you haven't thought about might be helpful.