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    Programs during pregnancy?

    Which programs are best suited for pregnancy? I was probably level 1 previously. Any typical mods or substitutions? Thanks!

    It all depends on how far along you are and how you're feeling (both in general and while working out). I had two physically active pregnancies (my last kung fu practice was in my tenth month of pregnancy and four days before my second daughter was born. Obviously there were more exercises I skipped than what I actually participated in at that point, but I was there - and I did every single squat ;-) ), so I may be in a position to impart some "wisdom", but really: check with a professional (midwife, doctor, reliable internet source) and err on the side of caution.

    In the first trimester high impact exercises should be done with caution or not done. That means, jumping jacks, high knees and the like. Apparently experienced runners can continue, but should be careful. Personally, I didn't want to risk that and stopped running. I still did the kung fu, but toned the intensity down for all the jumps. So Foundation or Foundation light and the new Yoga program should be just fine for most people to do. You can still do push-ups, planks, and ab exercises as long as you don't have a bulge (for me, that happened around week 20 the first time around, and a little earlier the second).

    Interestingly, starting with the second trimester you can pretty much jump all you want and do everything else, too, except sports with a high risk of injury (horseback riding, ice skating, downhill mountainbiking...) because you don't want to take a bad fall while pregnant. Even a "simple" broken ankle will pose a problem because of pain medications and stuff. But you have to stop doing abs exercises when that bulge shows. So no sit-ups and the like. Even weights are okay, but high reps/low weight, nothing where you go all red in the face, but stuff where you can still keep breathing evenly.

    In the third trimester I think it really depends on how you feel. I did the 90 Days of Action starting mid-pregnancy and just replaced the ab days with other workouts and replaced the impact stuff with non-impact stuff (high knees with march steps, push-ups with very inclined push-ups or knee push-ups...), but it's also good to find a prenatal yoga class (did that in my first pregnancy and learned a lot how to adjust moves so I could then do internet yoga on my own) or other prenatal exercise class to be on the safe side. Foundation light, again, is also a good choice in my opinion, as long as you use common sense (push-ups may not be a good idea at all for some people, obviously knee-to-elbows aren't advisable/possible and nothing that requires you to lie on your belly...). Or you could do the parts of Totals that are doable - or just replace anything you cannot do with squats ;-)

    How far along are you? Are you feeling okay? Congratulations!!! My second daughter was born 11 days ago, so right now I'm feeling physically weaker than during most of the pregnancy and hating the fact that I won't be allowed to work out for weeks and weeks yet. And, even worse, I can't pick up my older daughter because my midwife said you could really screw up your pelvic floor with heavy lifting. So I'm doing the "childbed gymnastics" (it's just as exciting as it sounds) they taught me in hospital and waiting...


      Thanks, MissSmilla! All I get from midwives and nurses is to exercise 30 minutes a day, avoid contact sports and fall risks like riding horses. I’ve heard swimming and walking are good.

      I’m 22 weeks, so second trimester. I haven’t had a lot of energy, but no health issues. I’m more likely to take rests than to push too much. I was showing very early this time, about 7 weeks.

      I’ll check out the four you mentioned, with an eye toward avoiding the abs stuff. At this point, anything probably helps. I’m older and not as active as with my firstborn, so I need to build up as I can.

      Congratulations on your new baby! All the best with recovery!


        Sounds like the Foundation Light would be perfect for you! And it's true what they say - if you don't overdo it, exercising should actually make you have more energy. All the best for you and your little miracle on the way and thank you for the congrats!

        Yes, I also hear swimming is great. I even bought a maternity swim suit in my first pregnancy and then for some reason never used it. Oh, well.


          Remember always to consult with your doc!


            Reboot and Square One are good ones to have to your list, I did both of those while pregnant/post partum. The biggest thing is to communicate with your doctor and know your body, if it doesn't feel good, STOP!

            I ended up getting high blood pressure in the 7th month and had to stop all activity, eventually leading to a weekend of bedrest which ended with babe in arms. Prior to the increased blood pressure I was able to do a level 2 program, with some modifications for comfort.

            Square One is fantastic because it's designed for using chairs for support, so you have the added security as your balance changes with the additional lopsidedness of baby.