Am I eating well, or making a booboo?

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    Am I eating well, or making a booboo?

    Before bed have Casein to slow-release protein, wake up and eat Protein+Nutrient based veg (Like a mushroom and cheese omelet with side of steamed spinach, etc), a banana and glass of milk 30 minutes before workout, workout (Daily Strength Building that focus on different muscle groups each day so they recover when other muscles are beings used [Exmple would be the Ironborn Program]), directly after workout Whey Protein (Incl. BCAA and 5g Creatine) with 300ml whole milk, Supper (Supper involves meat, carbs, veg, etc. whatever I feel like eating). Any snacks are raw veg like green beans, cauliflower, etc. I drink about 6 to 10 cups of assorted green and black tea a day (because I love tea :3). I weight 91 KG and consume between 88 - 91 grams of protein a day and receive all essential and non-essential amino acids. I feel like I am getting everything I need and not exceeding 2000 calories a day.

    You've clearly put a lot of work into your diet. You've even got a mealplan timed around workouts and a BCAA/creatine stack afterwards. Honestly - short of going to a pro to really sharpen things to a fine point, it looks like you're doing things right. Your protein intake is high, but if your goal is to build muscle then that's to be expected.

    Any further advice anybody could give you would depend largely on goals/current workouts/history/etc. All those individual factors which really make up the nitty gritty of diet optimization. It's unlikely you're gonna learn more than you already seem to know on an internet forum, that's gonna take a dive into the scientific lit on the topic.

    You're not making a booboo.