1&1 Mealplan confusion

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    1&1 Mealplan confusion

    The mealplan: (https://darebee.com/mealplans/one-and-one.html)

    It says to pick 1 cup on the left (limited to picking 1 item) and 2 cups on the right (limited to picking 2 different items). The one example for a Low Carb Day is "Lettuce Cucumber egg chickpeas" which has a 2 cups worth from the left as other examples show 4 egg halves make up 1 cup.

    Secondly, I see no mention of spices, seasonings or herbs mentioned on the page. I would imagine 2 twists from a salt grinder and a pepper grinder over the eggs and a 'drizzle' of emulsion of olive oil and a vinigar not from a sugar based origin, (maybe some greek basil leaves) over the salad would yield no contradictory effects (so long as it deducts from the 2 cup limit respectfully in terms of value) for the meal, but would rather ask anyone with experiance just to be sure.

    Thank you to all who reply.

    I'm pretty sure spices & herbs would have little or no negative impact.