How do you guys recommend I should start doing exercise here in Darebee?

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    How do you guys recommend I should start doing exercise here in Darebee?


    Well, I haven't done any consistent exercise for a long time and haven't exercised in quite some time, so I'm not sure about what you guys would recommend for me to start exercising using darebee, as I'm a total noob when it comes to exercise. So that's my question, out of all the things that darebee offers, what would you guys recommend I do to start exercising.

    A bit of background: I'm in the process of redesigning my life and so I have done a lot of changes in the last couples months, the biggest one I'd say is changing my eating habits to the point that I lost around 10 pounds just from how unhealthy I ate. And so now that I got my new food habits down I want to start exercising but as I haven't done it in a long time I'm not really sure where to start until someone recommended me darebee but I don't really know how this works and how I should go about it. I did try doing the daily dare, yesterday June 29 and while I did complete it with the extra credit it left me feeling that I really need to do some exercise.

    I would really appreciate it if you guys would share with me some of your knowledge

    Hi welcome

    You can get familiar with the website first. I remember feeling confused when I first visit the Darebee site. Basically you can choose among fitness programs, most of which are 30 days, Challenges, and individual workouts.

    After all, I recommend starting with the Foundation or the Foundation Light program, from what I read about you.



      Seconding Foundation/Foundation Light. It'll build consistency/habit and introduce you to a lot of the concepts other programs/workouts are use as you improve.

      Walking/jogging/running is one of the most basic and most effective ways to get the blood pumping and there are no prerequisites, just one foot in front of the other.

      Redesigning your life, changing eating habits and being here is already a pretty solid start in the right direction. Once you get into the swing of things, you'll be surprised how quickly you progress.


        So in a nutshell, the Foundation program should allow me to get some of the basics down, and after that, I should just slowly go adding things until I find something I particularly enjoy? Should I only do the Foundation or pair it with something else?


          I think the foundation program would be a good choice to start getting familiar with the Darebee exercises, it can be done in 3 levels so you can adapt to the training you want to do
          After or during you can take a look at challenges, they are interesting:

          and... welcome


            I think you are right about progressing slow until you find something you enjoy.

            You can definitely pair the Foundation program with something else, such as the 30-day Challenges, Daily Dares, or even add-on programs, if you can take it.

            There are no level of difficulties assigned to the Challenges, but some are easier than the others. I am currently doing the 1-minute Yoga. My mom is doing it, too, and she is doing Foundation, so I think this would be nice/ safe for beginners. There are some other light challenges such as Posture, Action Hero, Touch Your Toes, etc., but it's just my opinion. Ultimately you will need to investigate it yourself.

            Hope this helps.


              I'm also voting for Foundation, or maybe even Foundation Light. I started with the latter, even though I had already periodically worked out. But the ease of the workout helped me to get into the habit without having to leave my comfort zone too much. After that, it was a lot easier to do the workouts every day.
              And, if you haven't already done so, I recommend reading the Darebee Instruction Manual, as it's telling you everything you need to know about how the workouts, well, work.

              And welcome to the Hive!


                Besides everything people said (I agree with Foundation/Foundation Light if not just to build habit) but I would also add that if you are afraid of like falling off course in commitment, you should definitely start your own check-in thread. I'm also in the process of redesigning my life and having the check-in thread's accountability helped a lot.


                  Thanks guys, for the advice.


                    Welcome PhantomGoth! Focus on consistently moving daily; when I started from totally sedentary doing the classic warmup daily got me to enjoy moving without feeling like I needed rest days. You can try random workouts too and see if they help you break a sweat and leave you feeling good. Battle Angel was one that I will always remember fondly as it was the first time I'd sweat on purpose in a while haha.

                    EDIT: I'm currently struggling through fighter's codex which I don't regret jumping into but it probably would have been wise for me to start with foundation as other's have recommended. After two weeks I have a morning workout of run 5x a week (abs on non-run days) then I try to do as many workouts/programs I can on top of that. This gives me room to explore my limits but also not feel as bad if I'm putting night workouts off for any reason (okay, okay any reason right NOW is 600 squats but I'm gonna crush it).