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    Wich training to go further

    Hi, it's me again.

    Today is the last day of my 30 days of HIIT challenge.
    So far i've lost almost 10 pounds, and I totally changed my lifestyle thanks to this program.

    So far I've been doing 30 Days of HIIT and 30 Days Jump Rope everyday, with Running and Boxing aproximately 2 times per week each.

    I'm wondering what to do nextt.
    I would love to find a more balanced programm, with like 5 days a week of HIIT and 2 days a week of musculation, always with body weight since that's I like the most.
    I would complement this programm with running and boxing but still I'm looking for something in this vibe.

    I heard a lot about Foundation Program, Full Core, and Hero Journey, but I can't choose.

    Is it ok to do 5 days a week of one program and 2 days another one, to have both HIIT and musculation ? Is it optimal ? Or should I find one program that group those two aspects ?

    One more time I need help to build a good routine, and I hope that you will be able to help me

    Thanks a lot in advance

    You may consinder full circuit as it is interval training.Also you may do 3 times per week some HIIT workouts from the database


      Full circuit seems great !

      So I'm thinking, since I like to vary between 25 mins workout to 50 min workout depending of my free time every day, maybe something like :

      50 min sessions (exemple 1) :
      - 21 Min of Full Circuit (+ 4 min to rest at the end etc)
      - 25 min of Running/Boxing/Anything else I found

      50 min sessions (exemple 2) :
      - 9 Min of Full Circuit (+ 4 min to rest at the end etc)
      - 15 min Hiit workout/Workout of the day
      - 25 min of Running/Boxing/Anything else I found

      25 mins sessions :
      - 9 mins days of Full Circuit
      - 15 min HIIT workout/Workout of the day, etc.

      That mean Full Circuit every day, and additions to it when necessary. I'll try to balance between running and boxing
      This makes it easy to switch between 25 and 50 min per day, and I'll keep watching my diet and try to fast when possible.
      TheRaven, can I have your opinion too ?
      Avatar thanks a lot for your time, again
      Does that sounds good ? I'm always so worried about composing my workouts, that's the main reason I always gave up before


        Congratulations on completing 30 days of HIIT, losing 10 pounds, and changing your lifestyle!


          Hey Haladeen

          if you fancy doing some strength programs have a look at 39 days of strength or strength protocol.

          or if you fancy strength with cardio elements have a look at the military workouts.

          it really depends on what your next 30 day aim is.