How to unplug the brain when running?

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    Maybe try challenging yourself in a different way ? For example, last time I ran I was rather average (regarding what speed, and distance I usually run), and I had created kind of a "routine" pace, which did not give me the motivation to go out and run the next day. Today, I gave myself an goal to reach for (it was to increase my average speed if you wanna know), and it did wonders! During my run, I was happy, and satisfied of my performance, it was great!

    I'm too tired to explain why and how, but to give you a rough idea, if you can't bring yourself to reach certain goals in a certain way, then choose and change either or both the goal, and the way.


      Originally posted by ArtBoyo View Post
      Nevetharine - Out of curiosity, is this novel published/available to buy, perhaps?
      Not yet... still in the process of editing. I'll let you all know when its out. Since Darebee has had a huge influence on it hehehe


        Originally posted by Yurishka View Post
        Nevetharine cool you could write a novel !
        Imagining a story is something I can do when I am relaxed, not sure though my brain lets me do it when "in pain" (ahah.).

        I plan to try Zombies run tomorrow morning, at last the sun has come back !
        It is challenging, but its something you train yourself to do. I've been doing it in a milder form for years, by "unplugging" inside a dysfunctional family life. So this was not that much different.

        edit to add - I actually am better at it when I do cardio. I can do it so some extent while strength training... except when doing pushups! Then all bets are off... lol


          So, a bit of feedback.
          I tried "Zombies run" last weekend. I ran 3,9 km in 28 min, a good pace for me. I walked twice towards the end, for about 7 and 10 seconds each. So still not a complete victory but a globally positive experience, at least my pace was better and steadier than usual. My objective was set at 25 min so not too ambitious. Before I can validate this solution I think I have to try it a few more times. Also I am waiting for the release of the RPG app on Android, I think I will like the theme better !

          To answer Solar I am thinking indeed about changing the objectives. I have found that setting one (either in minutes or kilometers) is important to me. If I set no objective I risk disappointment more - because I will never be satisfied with myself, let's face it. The long term objective is to be able to run these bloody 5k, yet I have not set a deadline because of different other goals (improving my overall physical shape, recovering from my hamstring injury). I feel it is reachable anyway, I just have to find the way to move up this 35 min notch.

          Last thing I have a new theory: maybe pyschologically I just need those small walks (they last not more than 10, 15 sec max). When I do something very repetitive I seem to always sabotage my movements, as if the repetition was unbearable. I could not work at a factory
          So maybe I could just give myself a break and allow them ; with an objective, like having a number of jokers on the run. For a 25 min run = 1 break allowed, For 30 = 2, for 35 = 3 etc. Have to fine tune this and check.

          Thanks to everyone for your contribution


            If you feel like it, you can also do it the other way! For example, instead of giving yourself a few seconds walking, sprint instead. It's challenging, sure, but it breaks the monotony all the same, in my opinion. Also, seeing as you have goals you want to reach (running a 5k), I don't think you should only "run" to reach these. Things like interval running are made for improvement, being more a "running workout" than to just run.


              I used to run on a treadmill and it was BOOOOOOORING, even music didn't help. That is when I found a sure-fire solution to wanting to do a daily 20 minute that turned into one-hour sessions XP I downloaded a bunch of episodes of a series I had been meaning to watch and put them on my Tablet (which could be placed on a shelf in front of treadmill at eye level) and only allowed myself to watch an episode while on the treadmill. When I ran out of episodes, I would download previous seasons of a show with a new season to recap before. Eventually, I ran out of stuff to watch and started using Audiobooks. Get yourself hooked on a series or audiobook that you are ONLY allowed to watch while on the treadmill. If you run outside without any machines, that Audiobooks might be your only option, unless you like cartoons like me and can have an episode you have seen a thousand times as a child on earphones and let the nostalgia juices pump as your mind remembers everything vividly ^^ Hope this helps.