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    Let's say I realize two workouts every day from two different progrsmmes, but I also do some sport. So, one day after finishing both workouts and found and doing my thing on my sport, I take a good night of sleep. Next day, while on my game to the match, I start feeling like everything hurts, and I also feel a bit exhasutex even after a good night of sleep.
    once I read that I muscles hurtes after a workout, it was because the exercise was actually working. Is this true?

    My question is, if fatigue has just taken over me, is it ok to take a one day of rest from the workouts and continue de Next day? Or are there major repercussions on it?

    Thanks in advance!

    My suggestion would be an "active rest" day - "just" do some stretching, abs, or gentle yoga. That would mean, listen to your body with a less active day, but keep the exercice habit
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      What kind of additional Sport do you do? Do you have muscle soreness or does it really hurt?

      What PetiteSheWolf said is fine.


        Muscles ache when you use new exercises that the body Is not used to. Of course there us difference from a genuine muscle from training to a muscle ache where you have injured yourself, hopefully you will know the difference.

        after a while you will know the difference between the two.

        in the Darebee workouts there are active rest days but if you feel you need an extra rest day, don't be afraid to take them but as a rule of thumb, I never take more than two days off in a row.

        good luck in your journey.