Hero's Journey vs Age of Pandora

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    Hero's Journey vs Age of Pandora

    What's the difference between the two in terms of results? More detailed break down into things like cardio fitness, strength, endurance, speed, flexibility, etc., if possible will be appreciated.

    Or what are some general difference between the two. I tried to compare them but I simply got lost after reading the first 10 pages...


    General difference: Age of Pandora is a full written story/novel with chapters inbetween for your workout. Heroe's Journey has short written parts and most of the RPG part is imagination.

    Heroe's Journey is a classic mix: Cardio + Strength and Combat Workouts. You can add "Weapon Training" for special body Parts.
    If i remember right, AoP is more Cardio oriented.

    Overall i would say HJ's is a little bit harder than AoP.


      I find Hero's Journey to be a more well-rounded mix of exercises with a little bit of everything (including yoga and meditation), and as SimonB said, there is a weapon's training category you can add on which can be strength, cardio, combat, or core oriented depending on what you want to work on. I'm overly ambitious and always try to do two "weapons", but it really works better if you just stick to one.

      Age of Pandora is mostly cardio and combat work, with some options for more strength training with some of the missions. I personally find it harder than Hero's Journey, but that could have just been the path I chose when I went through it.

      The simplest way I can break down the end results of the two (again, this is just based on me) is that Hero's Journey will leave you stronger and more fit overall in every aspect, and Age of Pandora will push you and increase your cardio endurance in addition to improving on your combat skills.

      Honestly, both are great and fun programs, and you can't really go wrong with either.


        I've found more demanding HsJ, and AoP much more flexible to do. I did the 1st one the full WO each day, and the second allowed me to split or merge travels and jobs according to my needs, free time or energy.

        HsJ invites you to fill the daily adventure getting only the "title" of the day in each WO. AoP has the whole plot written, but you have the freedom to add more adventures, for example, in the pits or the agoras.

        Both programs seem to be designed to finish in 60 days. In HsJ you can do it. If an "armory-day" you can't manage all weapons, drop all you want. In the other hand, if you want get the maximum from AoP, there are a lot of jobs and fights to do, and you'll earn much more scraps than you are going to neeed. That will take more than 60 days. Sure.

        In AoP the travels can be used to add more cardio, doing them as long or short you'll need. Do you feel like running? go to your final point doing a round-up. Do you need a rest day?, then spend a day travelling with march steps.


          SimonB CelticCelli Cabriel Thank you for your input! Both programs sound great to me. I am doing 30 Days of Cardio Blast now and my plan is to do Cardio Trim afterward, and then either HJ or AoP. I pick Cardio Trim because it has a mix of strength and cardio.

          CelticCelli I like the cardio endurance component you mention. I am okay with combat moves but not a huge fan of it, and I am not sure about the benefits, especially the physical ones, of practicing them other than just getting better at punching, kicking, etc.

          I checked out HJ again and there seemed to be a lot. I found days where you had to do at least 5 sets of push ups to failure (lvl 1), which made me cringe, but I liked the strength training part especially how it seemed to have much more core exercises than AoP.

          I am thinking about doing AoP first and saving HJ for the future when I want another major boost in general fitness, but I want to hear what you guys have to say about the benefits of combat workouts from AoP. Damer Maybe you have some ideas about this? Thanks!


            Originally posted by kandy View Post

            I am okay with combat moves but not a huge fan of it, and I am not sure about the benefits, especially the physical ones, of practicing them other than just getting better at punching, kicking, etc.
            There you go Link


              SimonB Wow thanks for the link! I actually play weapon-type combat/ martial art, just not bare hand types, so I have probably been getting similar benefits from my training already, just not so obvious...

              Maybe I should just go ahead and give AoP a try and take the story experience it offers without thinking too much or worrying about the outcome. I have the feeling that HJ is a straight forward superhero movie in which the good guy smashes the bad one, while in the AoP setting/ storyline things are not so black-and-white, thus more complicated or "intellectual" than HJ. I think I will enjoy the AoP in that aspect and I imagine it to be quite a special experience. Plus it will improve me anyway. HJ will be tons of fun in the way that the atmosphere is all positive, and you don't really need to think too much about things.

              I have not looked much into AoP because I don't want spoiler of the story, so I can be wrong. It will be two months from now anyway but I gonna clear as much works as I need to do in life so that I will have more time by then.


                I don't like spoil and ruin too much the plot, but there are some epic fights (true battles) along HsJ !!!!

                If I have to choose, I'd do them in the same order . Firstly AoP, and then HsJ.


                  Cabriel I need to do the kick master challenge next month for the AoP after it! I suck at kicks.


                    The combat moves in AoP aren't overly technical on the whole, so you should be fine. And your kicks will certainly improve as you go along.