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    Wrestler conditioning workout

    I have a feeling I have asked this before. Is there any workouts in darebee that would be useful to a newbie wrestler? I have the workout "wrestler" already but was looking for something to help conditioning. Thanks

    I would line up 40 yards worth of sprinting, and run max effort sprints with 30 seconds rest between reps. Do 40 of those. You will be conditioned.

    Since wrestling is high-effort for short rounds, similar to boxing, long slow runs and other condition is good but not as efficient as sprints. Sprint or run uphills. Those will help.


      Do the following 4 workouts ONCE per week. Rest a day between each one. A 3 mile LIGHT Jog and Stretch session would be a good way to actively rest.

      Brutal HIIT

      Extreme Burn


      Shredder Ab Edition

      Try to work up to level 3.