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    Help me with my journey

    Hello everyone.

    Recently, i have decided that i want to start exercising and get back in shape. My problem is, that i have no access to a real gym, so i searched over the internet for various home-workout solutions, and that's when i found the "100 No-equipment workouts" pdf files. And so i downloaded them to my computer and started doing some of the workouts. So far, in these last 5 days ( Started doing it on 6.5.2019 ) i have done different workouts. Basically, I'm doing these workouts twice per day, i do one workout in the morning after breakfast, and another just before my dinner/lunch.

    The workouts i have done so far include:
    • Aim to misbehave (Strength & Tone, Upper Body)
    • Achilles (High Burn)
    • Amazon (High Burn)
    • Anchor'd (Stretching)
    • Codex (High Burn)
    • Abs of steel (Abs)
    • 2-minute workout (High Burn)
    I have done the Level I , which means i do 3 sets for each workout.

    I definitely can notice the change, i mean, i feel it with my muscles. But, i didn't really do the workouts properly, the way it's written in the descriptions of each workout. For example, the Codex workout requires you to keep your arms constantly on the floor, and the do push-ups, planks, plank leg raises, climbers, plank jacks, plank jump-ins, all that in one go. And the problem is i just couldn't not do it, i do 10 push-ups, hold the plank for 30 sec, do the plank jacks, and the just hit the floor. Just don't have the strength to keep myself up. Or if there is an exercise, that requires you to do more than 10-15 push-ups,Somehow, i manage to do the first 10 push-ups and then when it comes to close grid push-ups, i can't even do a single one.Then i have to rest, even though it says that there should be no rest between exercises.

    You can see with the workouts i have done so far, that i have no real plan. I just did the workouts i felt were best to do at the time. What should i do? Should i continue this way? My problem is that i never did any "real exercise". I do sports, play football and basketball, but that's it. I did do push-ups every now and then, but never could do more than 10-15.

    I'm around 188m tall, and my current weight is 83kg.

    I'm not really that fat, and the last summer my weight was around 75kg and below, and i was really slim, with no muscle.
    I wrote already enough, so, what I'm looking for is to get a nice muscle definition, improve my strength, and improve my overall fitness. Should i continue the way i exercised so far? Or maybe a change of plan?
    I saw that a lot people do the Foundation program as beginners, is that maybe my first option to take?
    Also, i need to say, that i study a lot, so i need to fit my workouts with my studies. I sit a lot in front of a computer, also. So far, as said, i did one workout in the morning, one in the evening, in total for a day that was around an hour or so, around 30 minutes each workout.

    I need you advice, since I'm not experienced with this.

    Thanks in advance. And thanks if you read all of this

    As you write,you have not so much stregth and stamina,so you need to go step by step.I thing the best is to see the training plans,choose one plan and to do some easy workouts at the beginning
    Also if you want to peak a program,you can select the Foundation program and then the Totals
    If you like to do 2 workouts during the day,it is good to select a challenge for the morning workout,also it may be relaxing to do some yoga or chinese yoga at the morning.


      I also think Foundation is a good start. You get to try out different kinds of workout (strength, cardio, fighting, stretching) and even if it might be a bit easy on some days (or maybe not) it's a good way to get a steady routine established.
      I'm currently doing Totals, and the way the program is structured (you do a fixed number of repetitions per exercise during the day) I find it perfect for those hours I sit in front of the computer. Do something, get up, do 10 squats, continue, etc. If you have the program website open, you can immediately tick of the set you did which gives that all important sense of achievement

      In my opinion, it's also important to remember that it's completely allright if you go at your own pace. Meaning, if you have to take breaks even though you're not supposed to, that's okay. Sometimes, it might even happen that you have to do a workout in parts. That's also okay. A good idea might be to start a check-in thread here in the Hive, to post your progress and to get a bit of cheer from other bees. It's a great motivation


        Thanks Avatar and Nihopaloa