New to sprinting. Need advice.

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    New to sprinting. Need advice.

    Hello, everyone

    So, I really want to get into sprinting. My plan is to attend to my college's sprinting classes (and eventually the team, maybe) next semester, but I'm not really that fit right now, so I want to train from now and during the summer to shed fat, gain some muscle and get fast.

    I came across the running programs and I'm wondering which one would be better to start with. The ones that caught my attention are Dash and Sprintathlon programs.

    Which one do you think would be better for a beginner like me? Also, are those programs meant to be performed on consecutive days?

    I'm a 21 yo woman and my last measures were about 1.73m, 65.3kg and 28.8% body fat.

    Any advice is welcome.

    I have done the dash program and my opinion is that if you exercise for some months you can do it, also I have done the HIIT sprint workout from the sprints page, I thing you can do it 1-2 times per week


      #3 Heya Welcome to the Hive! Well I would definitely recommend doing the Run Faster Workout as that REALLY works wonders on speed. Stretches before and after. I would also recommend doing a mile run and keep pushing to get a better time. I'm currently Training for the Redbull Quicksand race on the 18th, doing this is helping a lot


        I recommend alternating run-walk days with running-focused workouts like the Run Faster workout BlackButler recommends above, or the Cardio Trim - Run! program here on Darebee.

        Including walking breaks is important, especially during the summer. Just a one to two minute walking interval can refresh you to keep going. It's time on the road, not intensity, that will build your aerobic base.

        Sprinting, specifically, requires a good aerobic base--that means lots of lower intensity runs. It may sound counterintuitive to "run slow to run fast", but endurance is the foundation for speed.

        For example, when you start out you may be able to trot along at 10 min/mile for 15 minutes, and do a sprinting interval of 6 min/mile for 20 seconds. With a month of endurance training at the 10 min/mile pace, you may be able to keep going at that pace for 20 minutes, and your 6 min/mile sprint may be 45 seconds long before you run out of energy. And you may be able to run at 5:30 min/mile for the old 20 second sprint time.

        That's why endurance is the foundation of speed; you're increasing the length of time you can keep your target high speed.

        It's a really good idea to join a sprinting class--form is very important for fast running, and especially to do it safely. Speaking of safety, be sure to warm up well before doing sprints. Not static stretching, but a gentle jog with short intervals of faster running, slowly increasing in speed. If you don't warm up well, it's very possible to strain or tear a muscle, or connective tissue, and that takes ages to heal. In addition, please do not sprint when you're already exhausted. At least not without the supervision of a good coach. When you're tired, your running form breaks down. It's easy to misstep and roll an ankle, or overstride and hurt your knees and hips. It's okay, and even occasionally beneficial, to "run tired" with a good coach evaluating you. They're able to spot form deviations before they become problematic.

        Welcome to the wonderful world of running! I hope this helps.


          If you want to excel at sprinting, learn the technique of sprinting (YouTube has many good videos) and work on strenth-training along with, you guessed it, sprinting.

          The best way to practice sprints are to sprint. Learn technique, do it slowly to get your body doing the right things, then speed up. Work on running as fast as you can. There are plenty of ways to advance but learn how to do it first.