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    Originally posted by HellYeah View Post

    the article (german)
    Google translation of the part abourt fat loss:

    5. Protein during fat loss:
    Losing fat means keeping a kcal deficit. A kcal deficit makes you vulnerable to muscle loss and performance loss. If you want to stop it, you have to eat more protein than normal.

    High protein intake leads to greater fat loss and less muscle loss. This is advantageous for both visual and performance reasons. Together with strength training you can often completely prevent muscle breakdown!

    In addition, a high protein intake leads to a better saturation (not bad in a diet) and has the highest TEF value of all "macros" (= burns about 30% of the supplied kcal through its own metabolism).

    The doubling of protein intake from 0.9 g / kg to 1.8 g / kg with a 1000 kcal deficit leads to a positive protein balance and more fat loss.(14) Phillips et al. recommend a protein intake of 1.8-2.0 or up to 2.7 g / kg / day for dieters.(15)
    Bodybuilders preparing for competition (5-6% body fat) should use up to 3.0 g / kg body weight.(16)Higher protein intake could also improve mood, satisfaction, and fatigue in the diet.

    The protein requirement in a diet always depends heavily on the body fat percentage (17), the training load and especially the size of the kcal deficit.

    FE protein recommendation
    Slimming: Men 2.0 - 3.0 g / kg, women 1.7 - 2.6 g / kg

    In general, a 2-3 g / kg protein intake (a little less for women) seems to be ideal for weight loss.

    Rather oriented at the upper limit: low body fat, large kcal deficit, high training load.

    Rather oriented at the lower limit: high body fat percentage, small kcal deficit, lower training load.

    ​​​​​​(​14-17) are the sources given in the article

    It also says, that during kcal deficit the body uses protein to generate energy, and that is the reason why you need more during fat loss.


      Originally posted by dynamomelano View Post

      The job of breaking down proteins is not in the kidney; it is in the digestive system, by proteases (protein-breaking enzymes) from the stomach and the pancreas.
      got it but the question is,
      " The general recommendation is to try and not have more than 30g protein at a time (no matter the source) "
      is this true?

      edit : it is indeed generally recommended. Thanks a lot for the information Baston I am currently taking in approx. 90gms in one single meal and 30gms in another.
      I'll break it down to 30 in 4 meals.


        Originally posted by Estarossa View Post
        The general recommendation is to try and not have more than 30g protein at a time (no matter the source) "
        is this true?
        Depends on your weight. Your weight dictates your needs.


          If consuming high amounts of protein would be a major problem, wouldn't be the bodybuilding scene have a big problem with liver breakdowns?

          It is no problem to eat more protein in one meal. Protein is digested slowly, so if you eat 30g for breakfast, you have still protein left when you eat lunch. Then you eat 30g for lunch and you are good until dinner. To hit your protein goal for the day, you need to eat the rest of your protein for dinner, what would be digested over night. What means if you eat regularly you do not need more than 30g in one meal, cause the next one contains the next portion, but if intermittent fast is your meal plan, you have to eat more than 30g in one meal, otherwise you wouldn't get enough protein into the system.

          ​​​​Another ​​​interesting article:


            Originally posted by HellYeah View Post

            ​​​​Another ​​​interesting article:
            Interesting article indeed.
            HellYeah , I have 2 protein scoops with 24.6gm protein each, 10 eggwhites roughly constituting 36gms protein, and 200gm paneer (Indian cottage cheese) which is tabs 36.6 gm protein.
            I can only make 2 meals at most while being in a caloric deficit so that I feel full after having a meal and not half hungry thinking about eating all day.
            Here's my take - one protein scoop (125cals) after workout at 7-8 am, 10 eggwhites (170 cals) with a meal (300 cals) at 10-11 am, one protein scoop (125 cals) at 2pm, 200gm paneer (550 cals) with a meal (100 cals) at 5pm. Other - a 50 cal ORS, 100 cal coconut water.
            is this good enough or do you propose any additions/changes?


              dynamomelano - thanks for the correction