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    Hi I'm new here but I've gotten interested in age of pandora partly because of the RPG element and partly because I want to do some minor strength exercise for my back and shoulders.
    my back injury is long term following a car accident so I've learned to live with it but recently I dislocated my shoulder during a seizure and now have quite a bad weakness there.
    Does anybody know if the program is doable or appropriate for me if I listen to my body and stop when things hurt or is it just going to be impossible for me to complete?

    Thanks for any advice in advice

    You should always confer with a doctor before beginning any exercise program...But, it it were me, I would do it, and modify like crazy, and take it way easy as I understood what felt comfortable.


      Foundation light or Foundation are both great programs to start with.
      As for Age of Pandora-- sure, you can do it. And as you were saying-- make sure to listen to your body. And also, the program is super fun!

      Good luck Incredibleflameboy


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        Thank you very much guys