Left collarbone hurts during pushups?

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    Left collarbone hurts during pushups?

    This has never happened before today. I've had pain in my shoulders doing pushups before but never in my collarbone.

    I'm also relatively good at pushups and pretty familiar with it.

    Could it be a possible stress fracture? I haven't really been lifting any heavy weights though so I'm kinda confused?

    All thoughts are appreciated.

    I am not a doctor, but I've had an inflammation in my sterno-clavicular joint (the joint between collarbone and sternum) a few years ago. If it hurts more towards the sternum than towards the outer part, that could be it. Also, there are a lot of muscles attached to the collarbone; maybe your muscles have a hard time adapting to all the upper-body work you're doing and/or are just plain sore? After all, you have been at it for just about two weeks and gone pretty much from 0 to 100, from what I can see in your check-in thread.
    On the other hand, when I had that inflamed sterno-clavicular joint, it was definitely related to working at the computer too much - so the cause could totally be non-exercise-related.

    If it's something muscular, warmth and careful stretching help me, and possibly resting (or only very gently mobilizing) the parts of the body that hurt.

    If it doesn't go away within the next few days, I'd have it checked out by a doctor.



      Maybe you notice what kind of pushups give you more problems so you can understand the muscles involved.

      For example i have no problem with wide grip pushups but I have to be careful with close grip pushups, my right shoulder doesn't appreciate diamond pushups at all.


        modern_dragon Thank you! I appreciate everything you said. I'll look into it.

        Fremen Thanks! I'll look into that as well.

        Thanks to everyone who responded.